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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm very excited to announce our new Renovation Quotation Checker! Using Artificial Intelligence, our first of its kind tool will look through your renovation quotation and provide feedback that can help you make a more informed choice! Regardless If you're a new house owner and doing renovation for the first time or a seasoned landlord looking for some small project to enhance your house, this tool will facilitate better communication between you and your IDs or contractors, leading to a delivery that meets your expectation. The paradox is that homeowners are overwhelmed with information, but we struggle to find the required information quickly and easily. Our checker will function as an electronic 3rd pair of eyes that will provide to-the-point feedback that can help kick-start a meaningful discussion with your vendors. Be it things that IDs have forgotten to include (e.g. soft close hinges) or exploring more affordable alternates (e.g. Vinyl overlay to Re-tiling), our tool will provide you with valuable insights that will always help you make a more informed decision. Check it out here: https://www.renohoot.sg/quoteCheck
  2. We have a buyer's guide that shares difference between the various type (sintered stone, quartz, granite, marble, solid face, laminates, etc..) We've also included an average cost for you to compare with your other quotations. Take a look here : https://renohoot.sg/Kitchen/Kitchen-Countertop/Buyer_Guide#buyer-intro If you need a quick estimate, head over to our fuss-free calculator: https://renohoot.sg/calculator
  3. Hi @Nethergate, It might be difficult for anyone to share a good review as many would still be new to their Vinyl installation. I would suggest you to look at the various brand's technical specification data and look out for specific points that you require (e.g. Color fastness to light if you expect the floor to be in a room where there'll be strong sunlight). We have a comprehensive Buyer's Guide with such information to help you make a more informed choice. Also our curated choice of Vendors might be better suited than what your ID is proposing. Do have a look at our vendor list to make sure you've confidence in what you're buying into. Our Buyer's Guide: https://www.renohoot.sg/Flooring/Vinyl-Flooring/Buyer_Guide/#:~:text=Buying Considerations Our Vendor List: https://www.renohoot.sg/Flooring/Vinyl-Flooring/vendors
  4. Hey there, I know we're 4 years too late, but for the benefit of future homeowners who stumbled on this thread. We have a comprehensive Buyer's guide on what to look out for when doing marble gum grout or other grout treatment like epoxy grout. Do give us a visit and also check out our curated vendors list! Buyer's Guide: https://www.renohoot.sg/Flooring/Grout-Treatment/Buyer_Guide#Marble-Gum Vendor List : https://www.renohoot.sg/Flooring/Grout-Treatment/vendors
  5. Hi Everyone,In 2020 I was looking at renovating a new home and discovered the process and options were confusing and very time consuming.Even though this was my second time, it is still as challenging as the first.So I've decided to launch this site, in the hopes of helping us. And also as a form my upskilling myself.If you don't mind, please give the site a visit and share any feedback.If you do have any questions regarding your current renovation, drop me an email, I'll try to include that in the site. Visit us @ renohoot.sg Thanks!