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  1. I'm looking to remove the built in cabinets, wardrobes and carpentry in a 4 room flat, living and 3 bedrooms only. This should not require a permit ? The IDs i saw quoted over 2k and I feel it is too much.. Anyone has a recommendation to remove and dispose?
  2. Hi Edwin, can pm me your carpenter contact.
  3. Anyone done marble gum on homogeneous tiles?
  4. My ID was Angeline and she made the renovation process quite a breeze for me. I actually started to look at renovation 6 months before my keys was ready and I didn't manage to get to meet up with her as she was tied up with projects then. Few months later, she actually made contact to ask if I am still interested. I met up with her and signed up with her right after I collected my keys. I even waited for her to come back from Maternity Leave since I was in no hurry to start reno. It was better as she was able to see through the process. I have to say there's no 100% perfect renovation, but what I'm really impressed is their service. It has been coming to 2 years and they are still very approachable when I have problems.
  5. I got my mattress from them and everything was fine too. I went to them after a few friends bought from them too. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
  6. Anyone seen this kind of bedside tables sold in Singapore?
  7. I dont know if water pressure can be "upgraded" cos mine is a new flat and water pressure isn't fantastic. Probably also could be cos we are middle of the block too..
  8. The water pressure could be due to other factors. Did you test the water pressure before ? I have storage heater also and somehow, the water pressure varies, good initally, very strong suddenly and now normal. I think for my case, it's probably due to the water pressure in the whole block. Still wondering who I should feedback to.. HDB or PUB ?
  9. Rc is organising a block party next Sat, 30 May 09, at 4pm, at the Pavilion below our blocks. There will be games, performances and the Adorable Baby Photo Contest. The block party ticket is only $3 and includes a packed dinner and games tokens. The ticket will also entitle you to vote for the Adorable Baby Contest. Hope you all can treat this as a gathering and also support the adorable babies Those with babies 0-24 months old,for the contest, just need you to submit 2 photos of your babies for the contest, and be present during the block party if your baby is shortlisted. Hope you can support. Pls email to commonwealthdriverc@gmail.com the photos.
  10. Yup, the visit is tonight. Do feel free to bring up issues to the MP as parties like HDB, TC will all be there. Some of the issues are common and have been raised by other residents. At the same time, you can get a immediate response if they already have prior knowledge of it and what were the actions already taken on it(whether successful or not). I do understand that sometimes their hands may be tied. But all your feedback will be minuted down.