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  1. hi do u have pic of your kdk ventilation fan in toilet?

  2. Does anyone have any BLUM-certified carpenter to recommend? We need to replace the kitchen dish rack frosted glass door because the hinge is spoilt, and are looking to install the BLUM Aventos system. I have contacted the BLUM office for their list of certified carpenters, but didn't get a response. If anyone could provide any contact who would be willing to do just the replacement and installation, it would be great.
  3. u r staying in the block next to ours... hello, neighbour! we've moved to our place for slightly over 4mths now, and are loving it still hope u have a smooth reno journey, and do invite us over if there is a chance...
  4. hey cookies, did u contact ur ID to ask him to rectify the stuff? the stuff which they do for ur reno is under warranty for a yr, so they r contractually obligated to come and rectify any defects. i think we will also be calling our ID soon, cos there are some stuff we need him to do - cracklines are starting to appear at the areas where hollow blocks were built to cover original door entrances - so we'll be calling him to get his guys to come n rectify that. apart from that, hope u r having a good time staying in ur new place (just try to ignore the defects till ur guy comes and rectify them)
  5. i have been following ur blog tho, heh - waiting to see pic of ur dining table and chairs! the hubby wanna take a nicer pics without glass doors - he say will prevent reflection
  6. its been a super long time since we have updated the blog... its been about 3 months since we shifted into our new place, and its been a period of lots of adjusting... adjusting to facing each other all day, adjusting to having to do everything ourselves and stuff. been busy with our own work and what not, so haven't been doing much to spruce up the house. minor updates: # storeroom racks finally done # changed rubbish chute to airtight one fm maxden (prevent roaches!) # the hubby has started assembling his toys in the display cabinet, tho not fully done... hopefully will be able to take better pics soon display cabinet with the hubby's darlings
  7. sama sama; so does the s/s downpipe for the sink. i managed to get rid of the brownish stuff on the downpipe after sitting on the toilet floor and scrubbing and polishing vigorously, but the s/s water piping, left it.... after a while, just close one eye. maintenance take lots of conscientious and diligent effort! which we try to have....but......
  8. the toilet roll holder and towel racks not too bad, still can keep dry when u wash the toilet, make a conscious effort not to splash everywhere if its those corner shelves in the shower area and glass shelves above the sink.....bobian... tt why we got ours changed. the original ones were quite gross when the guy removed it, tho they were only 2 months old!
  9. keep the stuff dry, and clean religiously every week
  10. i tried the 3M stainless steel remover... it will remove, but only if you leave it on the rust long enough, and scrub a few rounds after that. homefix sells a rust remover which works too, but it will also dull the S/S. lots of remedies on the internet swear by baking soda/coke/colgate i have tried pouring coke and using a toothbrush to scrub the rust off - limited success. has anyone succeeded with baking soda?
  11. thanks! our current one is using the hydraulic system, but we've always wanted the blum...we'll give blum a call and see how it goes, tho we have heard that they dun do direct. but on a side note, ur house looks great congrats
  12. hi cboonh, could i just check if the Aventos HL from Blum was installed for you by your contractor, or from Blum direct? is blum able to do it if we just wanna install tt system?
  13. hey zhiz, we have the same problem, and i have tried all ways and means to get them off. commercial s/s removers will do the trick....but only for about 2 wks, u will see rust coming back again as long as they r subject to moisture and water were ur accessories installed b4 or after the chemical wash? the tranishing of the s/s stuff could be due to the acid chemicals. closed one eye for those which we could, but those we cannot tahan, got it changed to the welmi brand 3 weeks ago... less than 3 months after moving in. HAIZ
  14. somehow i realise all negative comments to this company disappears clean fm the forum - if we are presenting facts, why are they always removed? i've already noticed some instances about this.
  15. solar film does help... in reducing the direct heat fm windows. the heat conduction fm the wall will still be present though