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  1. Hi all, I just change my window to a simple new one. The window contractor hacked the area around it and did not have the cement to do a proper cementing of the edges. Does HDB provide free cement screeding for this? Its a simple job I suppose. I only heard of free cement screeding for flooring... but never heard for window edges. If I request from hdb, will they send someone to my flat to inspect first? I do not want them to inspect cos scared kena warning for some illegal here illegal works there....
  2. Thanks a lot! finally an idea! I'm thinking of using the Steam cleaner method. Which model did you get? http://www.karcher.sg/sg/Products/Home__Garden/Steam_cleaners.htm And where did you purchase it? Roughly how much?
  3. Is there a tool or a brush that can help clean the blower efficiently?
  4. I'm also using the Mitsubishi Starmax and the fins are easy to remove. I have the same problem, I need to clean the blower THOROUGHLY. If only I can dismantle everything and wash the blower with soap. Any ideas?
  5. Hi, Lucky thing my toilet has two doors. One of the infrequently used toilet acrylic/aluminum bi fold doors jammed after closing. The lock/unlocked latch can be moved bur doesn't seem to be able to move the upper latch down. So the upper door latch is stuck at the frame and refuses to sink back into the door. This latch is in the middle, at the hinge of the bi fold. How do I get started with fixing this? I can't even open the door.....
  6. Hi Bro, you have any chance to compare the fanco ff9 with the crestar air vac 54"? Can say that it produces the same air flow?
  7. We may have gone to the same shop. The guy who talked to me also. He: 1) did that hands on blade demo... << who cares when no one in the right mind would stick their finger in 2) talked about '3D design of the blade' <<< every object is 3D, duh 3) ABS better than acrylic, less noise <<< not true to me 4) is as strong as Crestar AIR-VAC and got the cheek to say its better 5) said that Alpha is the number 1 model now cos its the only one with ABS <<< to me, if both fans have same motor, same blade design, ABS or ACRYLIC will give the same wind 6) I asked if ABS is so good, how come Crester didn't make a fan model made of ABS blade... he gave me a vague answer cos of $$$ (which I don't get it.) context: I have 4 crestar air vac 48" in my house now and was looking for alternatives which are as strong as alpha VS5. Then this guy promoted to me alpha and he talked confidently. Adviced me to get alpha VS5 even though I was going for crestar air vac(its tested and proven to me). In the end I buy in to his talk and bought 3 alpha fans, 1 x 48", 2 x 54". I regretted, but what to do? the fans are installed already. but I felt really cheated. If I had known the alpha vs5 is no where as good as producing wind as strong as crestar vs5, I would have made a different decision at that shop and most probably go for 3 sets of crestar air vac for $280 each compared to alpha for $210 each with installation. To me, when you purchase ceiling fan, no point choose a nice design one but the fan cannot even do its basic thing, that is to produce strong air flow. Some fans spin so fast, that its a miracle that you can't even feel and decent air flow beneath. I set the crestar air vac(both 48" and 54") to be my yardstick. To date, I HAVE NOT come across any standard fan which can give an air flow comparable to the crestar air vac. If there is a fan that is as good(i really mean as good) if not better, do tell me, I'll really consider getting it. But to date, I have not come across one. After I bought the alpha vs5, it was a big let down. It can't circulate my hall as well as the crestar air vac. The thing about shops which sell ceiling fans is that you can NEVER compare and two fans fairly in terms of airflow. The shops would likely to be small and the fans would be installed squeezingly, with different distance from the ceiling. Furthermore, the air sucked in at the top of the fans would be obstructed by other ceiling fans and lights. It would be a hit and miss for most buyers. Some buyers would be happy buying their ceiling fan thinking that it has good air flow, but would likely be a misinformed purchase. If everyone had tried the airflow by crestar air vac, they would seriously consider it even though its more expensive. Really, why buy a fan which can't give a decent airflow, especially in this hot humid singapore. Also there is another thing, the speed regulator of the crestas air vac is more consistent. Below, I will give you an idea(according to my real world feel/experience with both fans) of the strength each speed level, relative to speed 3 of crestar air vac, taken as 100% air flow. Speed level----------1-----------2---------3 Crestar Air Vac-----30%-------60%-----100% Alpha VS5-----------10%-------30%-----80% So for speed level 1 for alpha, its almost not usable. For Crestar Air Vac speed level 3, it feels like you're at east coast feeling the strong sea breeze. The air flow produced is more constant and larger in radius compared to the alpha vs5, whos airflow sometimes has pockets of low pressure and smaller radius. Just venting in this post.... really want to let it all out. To the guy who talked his way into me buying alpha, I think I can get over this if you change all my 3 alphas to crestar air vac without any additional charges. grrrr.
  8. Hi Bro, I've just read the entire thread! You've been giving people lobang for 2 years! To date, I've bought 5 Crestar Air Vac 48" (http://www.fancrestar.com.sg/Product-airVac.html). Very good. Good motor, strong wind. 3 years usage already, no problem for all 5 fans. The only drawback is the price. $290 with installation without lights. Now I intend to buy 3 more fans and looking at the 56" Fanco FF9 (http://www.fanco.com.sg/index.php?page=ff9---56). Interestingly the design is very similar, if not the same. The blade is acrylic and blade design is the same. But I heard the price is way cheaper, which is catching my attention. I see the link, it states that the distance from ceiling to blade is 240mm.. which is about 9.4" .... for the Crestar Air Vac, I measured myself, the distance is 11". This means that it has more space to draw air in at the top. Now I need to see the performance of this FF9, whether its strong. Can you PM me your lobang? Also, some of you commented that 3 blade can spin faster since less blade weight.. true... but spin faster = more noise. With 5 blade, need only to spin slower to achieve the same air volume moved. Also fans which are close to the ceiling won't have enough air to draw in from the top. This implies less wind. Also, forget about fan designs for aesthetics. I've seen many fan designs which are nice but functionally is very poor. Look good to see but less air blown, then no point. I'm more for design for functionally. Crestar Air Vac so far sogood and from teh likeness of the Fanco FF9 design, looks to be a winner too. My 2 cents worth.
  9. How much you bought it and whats the size?
  10. for this price, is it 48" or 54"?
  11. I'm shopping for 7 fans..... dunno which to get...
  12. Just found it at Bacera... but I think its too ex.. $628..... anyone have seen it elsewhere?
  13. I went to see both the ones at Bacera and Genova. I like the Bacera one.. its called the Kity All Out Magic Corner, with both front and rear rack able to be pulled out. $628 ..... now now, I'm trying to find the supplier of this magic corner... cos there is this hotel-like tower rack at Bacera and it cost about $98.... but I went to royal fanco, only $35 ! stainless steel ones.... so now I have the impression that Bacera mark up their prices alot... so I kinda of think that I can get it cheaper elsewhere... but I have not seen that version of the magic corner elsewhere.... the one I'm looking for as the same function as this :
  14. I went to have a look ... also at the showroom... the rack is pretty rugged... My only concern is the chrome finish and how long it can last.... as toilet assessories which are chrome, easily get oxidised or corroded within a few years... I didn't see the stainless steel version... You know where to get the stainless steel ones from other brands?