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  1. hi soichiro,

    saw u bought simmons from ackerman & smith - have u got it delivered yet?

    was it expensive for u?

  2. hi do u have pic of your kdk ventilation fan in toilet?

  3. got quoted similar but it's 3 x MSXY-GA10VA / MSXY-GA24VA = > anyone knows what's the diff. between MSY-GE and MSXY-GA models? my quote was $4,300 via sms. finding out what it includes
  4. seems quiet since then till now - anyone care to share recent good, or bad, experiences?
  5. can i get quote from baroque from u pls
  6. hi Conny, so did u go with Space Vision? am thinking of using them. hope to hear your feedback
  7. hi webbit kindly me Johnard contact pls, i am doing a resale flat renov soon. thanks v much.