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  1. Yeah, that's the same as clickbait on youtube. Otherwise, said to be a typical mass manipulation making a profit over time. It's somewhat of the SAP Integrations that are talked all over the net rn. Flashy landings reward more visitors. It's common knowledge. However, it is rather intricate to do so for your specific page and for the medium that consumes it. But don't worry, the internet is vast these days, and it offers way more than simple tips and tricks. A simple search could lead to ascertaining important knowledge. Just give it a try.
  2. Hello, I'm one of the many who are experiencing frustration dealing with my laptop being repaired through Geek Squad. I was given a time of repair, and it has since exceeded that by a large amount. Every time I go to speak with Geek Squad, I am given no information on when my computer will be delivered, or even if it's being worked on at all. Starting to lose faith in Geek Squad and am considering taking my business elsewhere in the future. If you're reading this to consider using Geek Squad as a repair solution: if you have to ship your item out to their repair facility, please consider other companies. Looking forward to speaking to a customer support specialist about this issue.
  3. Hello guys I have a small food associated business thats made in home. My friend made for me a sheet that sums up the total orders of different kinds of products which requires me manually to put them everyday searching in the chats to see the orders and register them in the excel sheet and takes a lot of time from me. I know a little in computers so I know that you can make a form in excel so every order is added up in my sheet by the date. The problem is that I don't know how to do that. Also that I want it like a form on his phone “the cook” and it adds up to the data there by the correct date. I wouldn't mind a ready pos service that shows me the data how I want it most of them that I used show very little data or they show very detailed data I want something in the middle also they don't add the delivery charge. If anyone can help me through this I can send him a sample of the excel sheet that I use so he can understand me better.
  4. Anyone know of hosting sites in the US for 2021? Some new miners coming online this summer, will be looking for a home.
  5. Considering the fact that during my entire career as an active tourist I have suffered leg injuries several times after walking over rough terrain, I realized that I should worry about getting really high-quality walking shoes that can fix my leg and ankle joint well enough so that I can feel completely safe, having gained confidence that they are well fixed and I am no longer susceptible to injury. So I ordered them for myself using dunbarmedical.com . Think about buying quality shoes. This is very important for your health.
  6. Historically, the first mentions of this ruleless Minecraft server were made in the late Facepunch forums, so I ask that this post is not removed because of that. This will probably be the last Facepunch post ever made about 2b2t. Being on 2b2t back then must’ve been like being upon the shoulders of giants: it was brand new, it had little to no history, and there were endless possibilities. Friends to be made, bases to be founded, bonds to be formed… it was simply beautiful. The server has been up and running for over 10 years now, and every year had its fair share of history. This is not an advertisement, I’m not looking for anyone to join, there’s already thousands of players trying to join in appreciation for the 10 year old map and history surrounding it. Also note that I am not “Hausemaster” the server operator, I am simply posting under this name in order to keep anonymity of myself. I feel that I don’t need to go into the reasons why this thread should not be removed, but the main reason is because this is art. 2b2t is history spanning 10 whole years. The first mention of 2b2t was on these forums, and I am posting another thread, nearly 10 years later, on the new forums. Also, yes I know that this is on the “Garry’s Mod general” and that may be alarming to a few people as well as the mods, but you have to understand that the history spanning over 10 years started with the Garry’s Mod server, 2builders2tools. This is a form of art, a form of appreciation for this legendary server… so I ask the mods to keep this up. Feel free to discuss the server as you wish on this thread.
  7. I just finished installing Windows 8.1 a few days ago. It works so much faster on my PC that it never exceeds 10% HDD utilisation. The percentage of people who used Windows 10 was never less than 90%..... Except for Music and Weather, I uninstalled all apps. Weather app worked flawlessly, including as a live tile and on the lock screen. Then it showed me "We've moved" and now it takes forever to load... It isn't going to open. Then I discovered that was truly closed in 2019, but I have confirmation that the software is still operational, though with some intended flaws.... Probably to get people to upgrade to Windows 10 by making them sick of "broken" Win 8.1. However, this programme is fully functional, and I am enraged that something has caused it to malfunction. I suppose it's time for an update or something. Has anyone discovered a solution to this problem? Is it a tweak or something similar? I discovered something about DNS Caching Disabling and Enabling in order to get the Weather app to function again, but I still don't know how to do it. Thank you very much!
  8. My favorite game is freecell soliataire. I've got it installed on both my computer and my phone. I mean, games were made to help us relieve stress not add more stress to our life. Our lives alone are stressful enough, I have no idead why people aside from teenagers would want to play violent games. Solitaire is actually a pretty decent game if you give it a chnce. As long as you play the new version of solitaire then you'll be fine other card games like Klondike.
  9. Traveling is a great way to escape reality. You should think twice and analyze every option before setting off. When my sister and I chose to visit some states, we considered hiring a car. However, staying in hotels was expensive because we wanted to pay for the trip ourselves. My friend told me that she traveled in a van and that was a nice experience. She suggested that we look at https://moneysavedmoneyearned.com/living-in-a-van/ and choose a suitable option. It was the best experience we have ever had in our entire lives! Have fun.
  10. I never did backups for storing data, and I was lucky not to have any major crashes on my pc for a long time. Unfortunately, I had a power shortage in my house a few months ago while working on 3D design files. I couldn’t recover the data that had been lost by myself. Most of the services that offer data recovery are located outside the US, so they only work with corrupted files that you send to their e-mail. In my case, I needed an hdd data recovery that works with physical devices.
  11. Now working specialties are much more in demand than bank clerks and lawyers. And it seems to me that every man must be able to do construction and repair, at least at the household level. I divorced my husband because he promised me half a year to fix the current faucet, lol. And during this time, he did nothing to fix this faucet. So I just found on the website https://www.livesg.com.au / contacts of a plumber who quickly and inexpensively performed this work. After that, I filed for divorce because it's impossible to live like this.
  12. It depends how much time I spend working with Uber. If I feel that I con go on one more job, I go for it, if not, then I don't. When I was younger, I used to do Uber only, for many hours, but now I am not feeling like at my 30's, so I am working less as a driver and doing a part time job from home. This was one of the best decisions that have made. Now I have time for my family and not feeling so tired all the time. If you're interested, here is a list of the best part-time jobs, which most of the people choose to do.
  13. I always have to do something in my house. Recently, I bought a corner tub, which I can tell you looks awesome!! I saw this bathroom showroom (https://bathroom-supermarket.co.uk/) with a black corner tub, so I told Santa to buy me one!! Let me tell you, go with the second option. It'll look so much better than a regular one. Look at all the rich people with these tubs. Doesn't it give off some fancy vibes?? You'll love it!!
  14. What should I wear to hide my obesity a little bit at least? If you have any tips and tricks to hide your weight, share those pleas, I'll be really glad
  15. anyone know of anything ghetto/cheap/decently holdtogether besides big 5? their sh!t falls apart in three weeks...and i dont even really skate and i cant stnad their shat. looking cheap.