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  1. It is your choice and I believe you shouldn’t look here for the answer. There are people who feel more comfortable when they watch the TV from their own room. There are people who feel somehow discomfort. I am the type that enjoys watching the tv from my room and I ordered from https://mouse-box.com/best-tv-for-bright-room/ a great tv that matches perfectly with the design of the room. My husband doesn’t watch it at all, but I love it.
  2. Very adequate answer. I was involved in many discussions where people shared many useful pieces of advice and tools. Many Karen's were present with their arguments. Different perceptions. I like eco-friendly products and materials inside the house and even build materials, because it's our moral duty to care about the planet. But everything is upside down. So if you want to make the world a better place, purchase only the best eco-friendly products for everyone that will be used on daily basics and in our surroundings.
  3. One thing I know, that we must pay a lot of attention to this subject. I'm not a big financial specialist, but I think we must consult professionals in this domain to make the right decision. Because of the decision made today we can suffer consequences tomorrow. So from my point of view, it's a very sensitive subject. For example, I use the services of Elems.co.uk. Their company is one of the best in our local market. The guys from there are always providing me the best solutions for my problems. So think about tomorrow and make the right decision!
  4. Aren't construction loan rates higher than those of mortgage?
  5. The climate in Singapore is amazing. I moved here two years ago and I enjoy every meter of it. I don’t think that this is the greenest city, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful city-states in the world. I have some friends who also want to move here and they wonder how hard is it to get Singapore PR. I know many people who got permanent resident status and work here. It is a city of the opportunities and future. I enjoy the kind people here and the weather so much.
  6. Now it is quite difficult to find an apartment. When my sister had a renovation, she was looking for a temporary apartment for a very long time. And she wanted to find an apartment at a good price. She also wanted it to be a luxury house with luxury apartments. And it wasn't until two weeks later that she found kips bay 2 bedroom. She liked this apartment very much. She even said that the house where her apartment is located had a gym. And she had time to exercise every morning before the work.
  7. Well, there are a lot of dental clinics on the internet, but unfortunately not all of them are good. That is why better to read some reviews before choosing a place to cure your teeth, to understand if it is worth spending your time or not. Last time I visited a dentist I was also afraid of him, but even it was a complicated surgery, he managed to do it without complications and pains, since them I decided to go only at that dentist because he has the best dentistry in Bay Village. Take your chances and go there, I am sure that you will be pleased with the result.
  8. Don't know about depression and anxiety, I saw many situations when games could trigger a person in to a state of rage because he has lost of missed something in the game. It affected him so much that he started to break things and in anger so many bad words were spoken that all people surrounding him thought he is not healthy mentally at all. Most amusing thing is that all of this scene lasted for 1 or 2 minutes and afterwards he sat again back to his chair and continued to play the same game, but very calmly. It's not about the games, it's about the person who plays. Some of them should not play at all if they are affected so much negatively to the point of having breakdown.
  9. I see that a lot of you have this dream in developing their businesses, starting new ones and making a lot of money. I support motivated people, but often this is a huge risk. I can say from my own experience that I had a lot of falls and I defeated all the problems. I could not ignore the fact that I was helped by https://exitadviser.com . It took me a lot to think but I sold a business with their help and it was a great start up for my company.
  10. I've heard that many football players use steroids. It's true?