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  1. Does this company provide services only for Singapore citizens, or they work on international level?
  2. Moving company should not take lightly, this is a serious question everyone should make some efforts and not sign papers and agreements with companies who don’t do their main duties or neglect personal stuff that their customers have prepared for them. Personally, I move quite often from one place to another, and I need to those services. After some time understood that these guys from https://wemoving.net were the best on the market that were worthy and trustable. Yes, USA are full of such companies, so that's why I point them, because of difference and gap between them.
  3. If I were you, I would change the sink. Buy a new one. It doesn't even look esthetic. If buying a granite sink, you wouldn't have such problems.Just take a look on https://www.thewindupspace.com/best-granite-composite-sinks-reviews/ and make the difference. I have changed in the kitchen the whole design, my house is over 20 years. As you guess an updated it needed. Also, knowing that Italian brands are the best, the same truth is about sink too. Made of natural granite, it means durability, non-porous surface it's easy to be cleaned, scratches resistant. Awesome features of a single sink. Good investment, I will say.
  4. It is kind of strange thread because there are many plumbing things to discuss about, maybe you have a problem in your house, or you want to become a plumbler or just want tot discuss about plumbing lol. Personally I needed a plumber recently because my house was flooded and I had no idea what to do with that. So I was lucky to find a disaster restoration company from Orlando FL. These saved my house, took out all the water, cleaned everything, repaired everything and did the plumber things (which I have no idea about) for a very good price.
  5. I had the same situation with my house from Texas, personally I don't feel the heat and I am always ok, but my wife feels like in a turkish hamam or something like this. So we thought about skylights and sun tunnels from Texas in order to make the air pass through and make the room cooler a bit, then we though about air conditioning. Anyways, I met with one of my friends which is working as a roofer and asked him what should I do. So he suggested me to install solar panels. To be honest, it was the greatest idea, now I have enough energy in the house and a good air conditioning as well.