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  1. Pls do not engage them. They were previously good but not now. High turnover rate and your ID may just quit on you. End up your job taken over by others who couldn’t care less.
  2. We engaged Absolook in March 2020. Till now almost a year later our renovation still has not been completed. Yes, it’s partially due to the circuit breaker. But more importantly my ID left the company and another person took over. And the different group of workers that were arranged to do the Reno seems at loggerheads with each other. Water pipe plumber blame electrician, electrician not happy with painters, painters angry with flooring workers. All seem to badmouth each other. And their workers don’t wear mask when working! Guo Liang the manager was the one who took over. But because it was not his project initially he couldn’t be bothered and we were always given the last priority. His attitude is rude and bad as a manager. Totally disappointed and would not recommend to engage Absolook!
  3. My renovation took 6 months to complete, far from the dateline they initially promised. And after completion, leaks of water is everywhere! They have got the worst plumber contractors. Toilet bowl leak water on the floor when flushed, washing machine leak water when using. Terrible! And my Reno was to replace and change all the water pipes from scratch. Everything is new...
  4. Hi, this is my bathtub done by Absolook Interior Design. Didn’t know it would turn out like this as it happened when I gave birth and was in hospital subsequently on confinement. I would like some opinions on whether this is the norm? Or is is acceptable? Or is there any breach of safety standards? Coz I feel that the hot water pipes are too high and dangerous for my 3 kids, and that this is a landed property, surely an interior designer would not propose such dangerous idea?
  5. See my bathtub done by Absolook Interior Design. This is a landed property. I’ve never seen water pipes jutting out of bathtubs before and is very disappointed when I saw this! This is not only ugly (considering the huge sum of money spent), but also dangerous for my 3 kids who may shower in the bathtub. The hot water pipe may scald them. Honestly when we pay money to engage interior designers, we don’t expect this type of ‘design’.