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  1. Rebuilding was the only option for us since the house has been empty for years and not in liveable condition. Also, we love rebuilding a home to suit our needs. Our previous home was also rebuilt. It’s a long process but ultimately fulfilling.
  2. Hey shhh201, congrats to you too on your purchase. We have decided to build a detached house after some considerations. The main plus point for us was to be able to have windows on all sides of the house. The 50% plot coverage wasn’t a concern for us as the land size was more than sufficient. Also as we currently live in a semi-d, living in a detached would be a change for us. The 12m width was the pain point as we are quite used to our current place width which is 13m and a semi d, hence the built in width was 11m. But with some good placements of the staircase like not having a U shape staircase, it turns out ok. Did also visit some developer built houses which were of similar widths to get a feel of the internal space. My builder had also advised that land of this size and width will almost always be rebuilt into a detached. I guess when it comes to resale, a semi d may have sort of invisible cap in the price, whereby buyers may not pay above a certain amt if it’s a semi d. On the other hand, detached doesn’t seem to have this problem.
  3. Yes, my land is a rectangular shape with a depth of 47m and in a 2 storey zoning. I think a GFA of 7500 is more or less sufficient as I do not have a very big family. Will the bank valuation for a detached be higher than a semi d?
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought a land which is about 6100 sqft and will be rebuilding it. Currently the house is a Semi D, but is able to rebuilt into a Detached. Would like to seek some advice if I should rebuilt it to a Semi D or Detached. My main concern is that the land only has 12m of width, by building to a detached, the house would only have 8m of width as compared to 10m for a semi d. Will 8m be too narrow for a detached? Other than being a detached house, are there any benefits in rebuilding it into a detached? Thank you in advance.