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  1. Hi all, My current hdb home is using centralized gas heater which is situated in the service yard. For hot water usage in master bathroom, we always have to wait at least 3 minutes to get hot water flowing - due to the distance from service yard to master bathroom - hence waste quite a lot of water. I am thinking of converting my master bathroom to instant heater to save time & water. My question is: Is it possible to use gas heater for the rest of the house and only use electric instant heater for master bathroom alone? Current setting is gas heater and provide hot water to all the taps in the house. Appreciate if anybody can shed some light on this matter as I have been trying to search for information but to no avail. I would assume might need to change some pipings? and also if possible to do that, anybody can share some reliable shop/contractor contact that can solve this matter? Thank you very much.
  2. I did check the HDB website, it doesnt really mention specifically, just that it says cannot drill or hack. I am just wondering if the external wall (facing my living room) can be drill to put nail? I guess better don't, will probably use double tape to hang some photo.. anyway, thanks for the help! appreaciate it!
  3. Thanks for the info. Does this also apply to the bomb shelter wall?
  4. can i check with you guys, those with thick black color wall on the floor plan, i know it cannot be drilled or hacked, but can I put nails on it (minor drilling) to put some paintings or photo frames? thanks in advance!
  5. deepakvali: i have to go through the brochures first, left at home, but i remember correctly, none of the exhibitors highlight anything related to blu ray, but I will check again later.
  6. deepakvali : thx for the heads up. Anybody went to COMEX? Singtel MIO plan has a pretty gud deal. 24 months, first 6 months $63+, subsequently $70+. For Broadband 10 mbps + ione plus mobile. Perks include $100 off for mobile handset, annual upgrade on phone, free caller ID, etc. 10 mbps standalone cost $80/month for 30 months contract, of coz you will get a laptop (Lenovo) for that, but, I better pay less and use that money to get a laptop I like =P
  7. Anybody here using starhub broadband? how's the speed during weekday and weekend? I knew that most hdb neighbourhood if using starhub broadband on the weekend is **** slow. oh yeah, I bought a king size bed frame, dont know if it can fit the smaller lift or not. the bed frame (divan) is the same size as the king size bed 2x1.8m. Anybody tried? the matress can be bend a bit, but the bottom part(divan) is hard, anybody here have experienced this? Just want to make sure it can fit in without chopping the divan in 2 parts!
  8. Anybody here already using the REU-8CG Gas heater from Citygas? Contemplating on getting one from City gas, wanna get some feedback first before commit. thanks.
  9. turbo : same here, mine also still in due course, i think the 4 room people are getting their keys first, the 5 room one still not yet
  10. just managed to check this forum. turbo : so u settle with view. hehe good...got neighbour. mine is 332 ones as i prefer the layout more. view is not that important to me. starting to look for id/contractor yet?
  11. hi funfun, i already received the package from HDB, apparently for 5 room they added a few unit for strathmore, now they each blk of the strathmore have units offered, but all in the 2nd or/and 3rd floor, only blk 49 has higher floor. As for tanglin halt, there are no additional units. I think the same goes with holland and dover, i didn't bother to check the holland and dover.
  12. yah,hopefully, haven't really decided which unit, but we have shortlisted a few, hopefully when it's our turn, those units that we want is still available.
  13. haha..ya man, bulk buying!! but not so soon, not until we are able to get the key! hehe
  14. turborama : i also que No 2X for 5 room queenstown. That means we will have the same day of appointment