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Found 3 results

  1. I am writing on this forum page is to create awareness for the readers here, pls beware of this so-called contractor who see mood to do his stuffs. As of today, it has finally come to an end of the whole renovation of above-mentioned unit. It had taken a total of 107 days including Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays and i would like to bring to everyone's' attention to beware of this so-called contractor/project manager (he claimed so, project manager which was written in his name card, but a so called contractor/project manager didnt furnish any drawings for me but i furnish for him, didnt follow the measurement i gave him but he gave me the measurement, simple to say, didnt follow instructions while the owner - myself, is paying him). As a consumer, i am really very very unhappy over the whole issue. Below are the summaries: 1) Time Frame - As far as i know, After looking for so many different contractors, IDs and seeking the experts' opinion, if hacking were involved, it would definitely take about 3 to 4 weeks, merely on the hacking and laying of new tiles. Without any hacking and laying of tiles, this whole renovation took 107 days, approximately 74 working days. And the total days that he got someone to the unit to do the job were only 33 days, and pls take note that some days he only get his "workers" to come up fix 1 thing and left (what i mean by fix 1 thing, fix a tap). 2) Partition work - The first team of partition work came on 31st May after where the renovation started on 24th May. And it took a week for them to start working on it. On 24th May itself, it was only the tearing down of the existing cabinets and the whole work stopped and only started on 31st May. If there weren't any wastapp msg sent to this contractor, i don't think that it can actually start on 31st May itself. Best part was that, According to the contract, under B (Demolition) item no. 4, it mentioned "make good of affected area after demolition". Pls take a look below: This was done by the team that "specialize" in demolition. However, The owner was the one that "make good of affected area after demolition. The contract did not state very clearer on what is it that is "make good of affected area after demolition". However, if to mention that "make good of affected area after demolition" belonged to this category: pls take note that i was being charged for that - under the variation order (new quotation), under Masonry works, "supply labor and material to plaster smooth depression at kitchen wall. And this charge cost me S$300! - i had requested to enlarge the partition box-up wall in the living room. And instead of using the 1st team of partition personnel, it had changed to a very mutli-tasked worker that could cover every single work, which inclusive of partition, electricity, tiling, cementing. Too multi-tasked, these are the work done: 3) Electrical work - This was the best of the best. I had no idea there were in total how many electricians came up, from different "agencies" or "company". The very first electrician came on 1st June and subsequently informed by this contractor that the 1st electrician had "ran away" and he's trying to get another "team of electricians". The powerpoint in the shoe cabinet and at the platform bed was not working at all and the owner has to fix on her own and even infd this contractor about it. It was sent through messages and was definitely recorded. And this is the best out of all: This switch was just above the hood. I was wondering how am i going to plug in any plug into this socket. I was charged on the cooker hood point under the variation order (new quotation) electrical works, i seriously do not know where is the point. This socket was left behind by the previous owner. Pls see the below picture: I had requested this contractor to connect the lighting as follows; 1 switch controlling downlight and tracklight, 1 switch controlling glass box light and cove light. This was what they had handed over to me: 1 switch turned on 3 lights! (Glass box, track light and down light) Ended up, i had to make purchase of the wires and re-wired MYSELF. This was exactly what i want: 4) Carpentry - I had given proper instructions with drawings so that it will be easier to allow the carpenter to do the necessary. They had even left glue stains in the MBR (where i did not have any carpentry work done in the MBR but found those in MBR), and also on the platform bed itself. However, the one that rectified was actually the owner (MYSELF)!! Also, items given to me were not what i had expected: I wanted this full height shoes cabinet, and the smart Alec contractor and the carpenter did this 3/4 shoes cabinet for me. Told me what? I had actually made a hole behind so that you can air your shoes. HELLO, who's house is this may i know????? Wow wow wow, this is the best out of the best. PLATFORM BED! I had given this contractor and his carpentry team on the measurement of platform bed, even furnished them with drawings. I GAVE THEM AH, DRAWING AND MEASUREMENT not he gave me. Ended up, i had a 50 cm high platform bed where it had caused me to fell down many times. i had also furnished them with drawings and even in writing where i wanted my cutlery tray to be placed. However, it was placed inside the island itself. I every drew for them the layout of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen tall cabinet was not being sealed up in proper and my platform bed, one of the laminate had chipped off and had infd them as well. But it just by pass in this way. Tall kitchen cabinet Chip off platform bed (bay window) 5) Glass Backsplash - The last piece had a wrong measurement and to my surprise when the glass specialist put this piece up, it was seen uneven. I had surfaced this to the glass company and he told me that he would send his men down to re-do it. The specialist came and told me that he had tried his best to fix it but due to the UNEVEN WALL... So i suppose the UNEVEN WALL he was mentioning is actually the cement screed that the worker had done? So it was uneven? 6) MBR Window - This really made me can't say anything at all but only to shake my head. Below was the casement window left behind by the previous owner. And i do not know that after changing again, it came back a casement window still! if thats the case, why isnt a new owner would want to change a casement window to casement window? Does it make sense? I had requested for sliding and this was what i received after a 2nd change. I would like to surface too that, clearing of debris. I was quite surprised that clearing of debris was actually done by the workers from AMK? I saw this guy the next morning at 6.15am while i left for work! Ohhhh so this is clearing of the debris..... As he had taken too many of months, i told him need not what rectify coz everytime rectify, there's no a proper worker (always change worker). Why i say so? Partition: 1st Work done was done by Malaysians. Subsequently came back to enlarge the wall, was done by a China Man! Electric: Too many. Dunno which is real. The recent i saw, i think he engaged from dunno which company. Why i know? Coz when the Bangala electricians came, they asked, "Are you Raymond?" OMG, if is your workers, will your workers ask you this question?? How will the fellow readers feel after seeing through all these sloppy work? If you were the owner would you want to engage such company/personnel to complete this job? Definitely i will not take this company again if i were to do another renovation. Neither would i introduce more friends to take up any renovation with this company/personnel as this will be the end result. I will also wish to urge those newly wed couples who had just gotten their new house or even to those that wanted to take renovation, pls pls pls, avoid taking this person. I have attached to you all the dates that someone came up to do the necessary work. Please kindly spare a thought for me, do you think that i am going overboard if i am requesting for a compensation from the company? Thank you very much for these 107 days of working on this unit. Do take note of this so - called contractor that i have been mentioning: Raymond Chew from Concept Innova from Carousell(but he is using Trivi Solution this company to do the job). Mr Raymond Chew could be found on Carousell under the user name of concept.innova. I think he see mood to do one. If he likes you i think he will complete your project asap and do a nice one. Maybe im too chin cai for him thats why he can take advantage of. initially find him ok, but seriously to say, too boastful already. I told him and even showed him my classmate's house, which also undergo renovation before me (however, ended earlier than me alot, with hacking and tiling job), he told me that he can make it as beautiful as her unit. Aiyohhhhh plsssss..... whenever reached weekends only, he will be uncontactable. and the Monday will tell u what he going to police station take statement la, he got some personal issue to settle la, i tell you, many many craps. And also best, initially before signing the contract with him, asked him if there's any hidden cost, he told me no. BUT, OMG..... more and more hidden cost coming up! This is really ridiculous! Seriously i do not wish to sabo this Company (Trivi Solution) but just too bad that this contractor using this company then suay suay i got to feedback too. Readers, do you think a compensation should be given to me? I wont be so bad to the extend he/the company should compensate me all. But at least a compensation amount for me to engage another trust worthy renovation company to clear up all these Sh*tty and shabby job??? Even if they were to say they will come back to rectify for me for free, i will SAY NO PLEASE! ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. I would not wish to tarnish this company's (Trivi Solution) name, like i said, am i going overboard on requesting a compensation? So pls, readers, avoid this person. You can still take him as like i had mentioned, he see mood. Engage him at your own risk.
  2. Finally I will be collecting my BTO FLATS keys in 1-2 months time after 3 years of waiting. Was really happy and glad that the wait is over. Any BTO owner would like to share their same sentiment and joy as well as any renovation pointers to share. I had started to look for renovation contractor to renovate my new house. What is the difference between renovation contractor with drawing and one without drawing? Will the charges be the same? Please advice s this is my matrimonial home and want to keep within budget. Thanks a million