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Looking For Quotations For Aspella 4rm

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anyone here from Aspella already moved in or doing reno? i'm should be one of the last to get the house as i'm in 277A.

currently looking around for ID or reno firm... can any kind person email me their quotations / floorplans / drawings / etc?

thanks in advance




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ids earn commission same as contractor earn profits.. if u can get someone near ur new house, its easy fro them to go more frequently to check ur reno and easy for u to look for them if u need help etc..

send to diff company ur floorplan cum things u like to do.. get a few quotes as rough guide.. best results and the most tiring method is go down to discuss to get to now them more and see if u can be comfortable with them..

compare your quotation and see the diff.. usu some give hidden cost, some give package and sme give very details itemised billing..

the trick is.. item not stated will usu come to be chargeable like labout to install this and that.. the price can end up high..

package means nothing is free, usu u pay.. free items jus save u time and trouble to look for those items and the might not be the best, but u no need to go search, compare price etc.. esp if u hav simply no time.. but make sure to ask the price cap for tiles if need tiling and any limitations to place for selection etc..

very itemised quotation.. looks good and neat but every item like need to pay.. beware that they might end up higher than the rest.. so get diff company to quote, they quote differently but easy for u to compare..

esp if u are lokin for lower price.. of cos if for design, if u need design and yet u are lack of and cash allow, usu price might be 3k higher..


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