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Handles For Kitchen Doors And Drawers

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Anyone ever been to Kitchen Culture and experience the fantastic "handle-less" doors that they have? We realised that IDs are recommending doors and drawers in the kitchen with a 45deg abs trimming as "handles" to open the doors and drawers. Any feedback if these are easy to use? I personnally tried the doors and find it very difficult to open. We want our carpenters to follow the Kitchen Culture method but the carpenter got so scared that he is not answering my ID call and my ID has to find some other carpenter and it's going to delay the handling over. :furious:

My carpenter didn't quote the handles in the carpentry work. Anyone can shall if it will be expensive to top up if I just want those simple stainless steel rounded handles?


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It is not a new concept. If I am not mistaken, it's call Clear Kitchen concept.

Actually, drawers are easy to open then handle and handle will get rusty after 1-2 years time and no one can fix it for you.

Strongly advice you to go for clear kitchen concept. It looks neat too...


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