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Organic Worm Tea Anyone?

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Hi folks,

I would be closing off this topic on worm tea becox it didn't work out for my plants as the yellow spots on the leaves multiplied & eventually turned yellow much to my alarm.

The photograph below shows green foilage turning patchy yellow after the progressive use of the worm tea.


Some of the stems turned yellowy too...

For the plants which i had fed them with worm tea in the community nursery, they were even unluckier becox it killed them off completely.

Like what I went through with my ginger plants, The leaves were being attacked first by yellow spots, turned yellow & withered off eventually.

We didn't think that it was overwatering becox we had overwatered for the first year of acquiring these potted plants but never experienced such a problem before.

I m of the opinion that these symptoms seemed consistent with the use of worm tea becox their counterparts without worm tea but jux on water were doing really well under the full sun.

We have tried out the worm tea on my inlaw's plants & they had the same issues too... As such, we wouldn't be so adventurous in the near future when trying out stuff on our darling plants.

We are feeling the huge loss & pain with the impending demise of our plants :~

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So worm tea was a bad idea.

Im thinking of using some of thered soil from downstairs our flat. There is some renovations going on so might ask the banglaguys to fill in a bucket of soil for me.

Just gotta treat it for pests i guess...


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