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Online Bi Fold Door Supplier- Ministry Of Doors

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hi Momiji,

Referring to your post ('Anyone has engaged this company for their bi-fold doors? Any review? Thanks')

Did you engage Ministry of Doors in the end? How was the experience with them?

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks & Regards.


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On 11/20/2014 at 7:48 PM, jennyyab1988 said:

I have bad experience with my previous bifold door installation from my contractor. So I wanted to get a good one this time. I look high and low for product review and I originally wanted to get the door from MOD as the comment was good. However, they do not have a store for me to see the sample. So I went ahead with Ho Ho Engineering when I saw them in expo. Many design and cheaper price.

They even have a blog with pros and cons of different toilet door option. A must read before your decision. Hope it is helpful for my fellow homeowners.


I went to the blog provided by Jenny and visited Ho Ho Factory at 51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace. 3 storey factory. Industrial area. You will need to drive there with the help of gps or take a taxi. But it was good. They did iron manufacturing at level 1. Saw the worker wielding the iron. Alot of door stack up at level 1. When I was in the showroom at level 2. I saw an interior designer there placing his order. So the company do both retail and contractor biz.

From the photo on the wall, you can tell it is an old company starting in 1976. My family of 6 people went up. The staff, Michelle was very nice to offer all of us 4 cold can drink right from the start. My children was very happy with the drinks and sweet. We saw all the door options there. Bifold, slide and swing, swing and sliding door, folding door. They have the full range. Their toilet door range from $188 to $380 so you confirm can find one you like. Michelle didnt hard sell at all. She ask me what door I wanted and told us the pros and cons clearly. In the end, my parents got the designer bifold door $249 (design panel with normal roller) for their existing home and classic bifold $188 (normal colour panel) for the store room. As our is a new flat, we got the premium bifold door $298 (design panel with top quality roller). For designer and premium bifold door got 1000 designs to choose. We chose for very long and in the end. Michelle recommend us to go their new website to view at our own free time. www.hohodoorsingapore.com

I also bought my wooden laminated door (much better than veneer) at $319 only from them 


My ID recommend me the normal bifold door and sell us at $280. I get better quality with Ho Ho and the same price. At first, I was quite scare to buy online as the reviews are not all good. But I try myself and the door was installed and my family was happy. 

For fellow homeowner, getting directly is definitely cheap but it takes more times and effort. My suggestion, instead of going shopping for clothes why not spend your Saturday shopping for necessity. I save quite abit. Enough for my family to go genting just on the door. Shop smart my friend!


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