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Beware Of This Guy Foo Yong Wee, Also Known As Thomas, Nric: S724Xxxxi

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Dear loan sharks, finance companies and landlord beware of this man (FOO YONG WEE, also known as Thomas, NRIC: S7240xxxxI) come knocking at your door asking for a loan or wanting to rent a room.

Especially Landlord, he will rent a room from your unit and use your address to loan money from loan sharks and finance companies.

He has been renting a room from us for 1 ½ years. During his stay, there are finance companies coming over to our house to look for him. When we confronted him, he will give excuses saying that he has already settled the debts and the finance companies had made a mistake. We had given him numerous warning s saying if we received any more call or visit from his debtors, he will be out immediately.

Despair all those warning, on 3 June 2013 a finance company came knocking on our door and demanded money from him. Without fail we called him and asked him to move out immediately. On 4 June 2013, we received a call from loan shark again from our home phone. The loan shark said that FOO YONG WEE claimed that our house belongs to his mother and I am his sister. On 5 June 2013, another finance company SB Credit came to look for him. Apparently, FOO YONG WEE has made the same claim to this finance company that our house belongs to his mother and I am his sister.

Attached are his NRIC, Letter of Demand from the finance company and photos of the staff from the finance companies for your reference. If anyone of you (loan sharks and finance companies) wishes to contact him, please refer to the below details:

Last known detail:

Name: FOO YONG WEE, also known as Thomas

NRIC: S724xxxxI

Contact: 9422xxxx and 9758xxxx

Vehicle Own: White Hyundai AVANTE SJU25xxJ

Occupation: Taxi driver from Silvercab Taxi - Premier Taxis (Hyundai I30) SHD17xxX




A Few more finance companies come everyday.




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Report to the police over this matter. Write down all the particulars of the debt holders and mobile number. Give all the information to the police and see a letter from the police stated that he is just a room mate.

Request CCTV from police to install in order for them to view. Or you can install cisco cctv which is link to their sector.


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