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Re-Varnish Parquet Floor Before Painting?

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Hi guys, appreciate your advice.

I'm planning to paint my new purchased re-sale HDB flat and also varnish the 3 bedroom parquet floors. But since I'm short of time, I've already lived in. Got quotation from Nippon painting today but they could only start work after Christmas (price is also a bit high).


1. I'm thinking to get contractor re-varnish the bedroom floors first, but worry the painting would make the floor dirty. Is that the right order?

2. The Nippon servicing guy recommend me to apply sealant on the whole room before they paint. That will cost me additional $400 plus.. But my flat walls are quite clean and not mouldy, is that really necessary?


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since its old house, the sealant is paint to make your new paint last longer. it create a better bond to your new paint...

for the re vanish, do it after you paint your house.. its easier to touch up you paint then touching up the vanish... if any paint drip on your new vanish parquet flooring, its a lot of work to get it off...


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