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  1. Owners have right to compare and choose. Did owner cheat you by taking deposit?
  2. Thanks! I've done it in such sequence btw, do I need to apply wax on the newly varnished parquet?
  3. Hi, I've just get the bedroom parquet revarnished. Wondering if I need to apply wax before I move furniture in? Apparently, my contractors didn't do it. Is it common to apply wax on those varnished parquet? Thanks.
  4. Mine is using city gas, installed in service yard. Works instantly for all water points
  5. Can PM me the contact as well? Thanks
  6. Btw, anyone could recommend good painting and varnishing services with reasonable price are much welcomed and appreciated.
  7. Hi, Anyone knows where I could get right drill bit for marble tiles? All my toilets and kitchen walls are like marble tiles finishing. Today, I managed to drill only 4 holes but damaged 3 drill bits. I've tried Bosch ceramic and new multi-purpose, concrete, all could not last.. Very frustrating .
  8. Hi guys, appreciate your advice. I'm planning to paint my new purchased re-sale HDB flat and also varnish the 3 bedroom parquet floors. But since I'm short of time, I've already lived in. Got quotation from Nippon painting today but they could only start work after Christmas (price is also a bit high). Questions 1. I'm thinking to get contractor re-varnish the bedroom floors first, but worry the painting would make the floor dirty. Is that the right order? 2. The Nippon servicing guy recommend me to apply sealant on the whole room before they paint. That will cost me additional $400 plus.. But my flat walls are quite clean and not mouldy, is that really necessary?
  9. thanks, 18k also sounds more balanced combo with 2*10k. not necessary the bigger the better right? price wise, only $50 difference though
  10. I visited Gain City and purchased the following system 3 combination as salesman recommended Mitsubishi Electric MXY-3A28VA / 2 X MSY-GE10VA / MSY-GE24VA I'm owning a 4rm HDB, wondering if the GE24VA is too big for my living room. Plus, the unit is 1.1 meter long which I don't like. My dining area plus living is only about 20-25 sqm. Should I change the unit to 18VA only? I assume the number means or closely means to BTU, which should be enough for my living room, right? I don't have to install the big unit to overkill as well. Hope anyone has experience could advice. I would need to change quickly if needed as installation is happening next Monday.
  11. 90/90cm, IKEA solid wood coffee table S$50 Moving to sale Self collection from Hume Ave Contact 93251602