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Need Help In Changing Downlight

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Been staying for almost 2 year in my new home. I have both LED and PLC type of downlight on my L-box. Been using my LED downlight only. Recently notice that some of my PLC downlight is flickering, it is a dual bulb kind and one of the bulb is blown. Initially i thought its as simple as bulb blow, but after changing to the new ones, also cannot work. I doubt there is any warranty as i bought it from a distributor.

So i thought of removing the whole set but it seems a bit difficult for me to remove. Thus, the thought of changing those PLC to LED comes to my mind if removing is such a hassle, might as well change it?

This is the type of downlight i have, image is grab from the net


So, what should i do? How do i remove this PLC light? And should i change it to LED instead?

Please advice :)


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frist you can buy a new ballast to change both but make sure then is good brand.market have alot choice

2nd you can replace the PLC down lightto LED. you also need check LED quality is good,if not you face to some thing.


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