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Article: The Bed & Mattress Sizes In Singapore - How To Choose Correctly

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Confused by all the different bed/mattress size standards out there on the market? Read this before you buy.

The word ‘bed’ refers to two things:

1. The mattress

2. The bed frame

The phrase ‘bed size’ refers to the mattress size – not the size of the bed frame. There are a variety of different bed size standards for mattresses, which are as follows:

Singapore Mattress Sizes

King : W 183cm x L 190 cm

Queen: W 152cm x L 190cm

Super Single: W 107cm x L 190cm

Single: W 91cm x L 190cm

Twin: W 99cm x L 191cm

European Mattress Sizes

King: W 180cm x L 200cm

Queen: W 160cm x L 200cm

Double: W 140cm x L 200cm

Single: W 90cm x L 200cm

North American Mattress Sizes

King: W 193cm x L 203cm

California King: W 183cm x L 213cm

Queen: W 152cm x L 203cm

Full Size: W 135cm x L188cm

Twin/XL Size: W 99cm x L 203cm

Australian Mattress Sizes

King: W 183cm x L 203cm

Queen: W 153cm x L 203cm

Double: W 137cm x L 187cm

Single: W 92cm x L 187cm

Most mattresses sold in Singapore are made according to the standard Singaporean mattress sizes, but don’t be afraid to clarify which type it is if you’re not sure.

The reason why so many different sizing standards exist is because mattresses made in different regions are sized according to the average person’s height in the respective region…and Singaporeans are simply shorter in general.

We’ve covered mattress sizes – this’ll be important when it comes to buying bed frames.

When you shop for beds, the dimensions given often refer to the bed frame itself, not the mattress it will fit. This means that not all Queen sized mattresses will fit a Queen size bed. Take care not to buy a bed that won’t accommodate your mattress simply because its dimensions are smaller than those of your mattress.


The dimensions of the bed frame are: W172cm x D205cm x H120cm.

The specifications for Queen Sized mattresses in the different regions are:

European Queen-Sized Mattress - W 160cm x L 200cm

North American Queen-Sized Mattress - W 152cm x L 203cm

Australian Queen-Sized Mattress - W 153cm x L 203cm

The three Queen size mattresses above look like they might fit into the Hana Queen Bed because they have smaller/equal dimensions, but they won’t.

Singapore Queen-Sized Mattress - W 152cm x L190cm

The Hana Queen Bed is explicitly designed for Singaporean Queen mattresses only. Therefore, never assume the dimensions of the bed are synonymous with the dimensions of the mattress it will fit when shopping for a bed frame.

Now you finally understand what that “California King Bed” Rihanna sang about actually is. Happy bed shopping!



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Hi Kalimantan,

I'm afraid that I am not able to advise you on that because we do not sell mattresses. The article was to emphasised on the correct mattress dimensions so as to fit the bedframes designed for local use and in this case, I've used the Hana bedframe as an example. It doesn't come with the mattress though!

On another note, there's always the psychological perception that branded and expensive goods are better than the brandless, inexpensive options. I've grown to realise that that's not usually the case. I particularly like how Tilam King (www.tilamking.blogspot.com.sg) explained on this!

I think when it comes to mattresses selection, best to have a feel of the actual product first.


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Hi, if you are looking for accompanying bedsheets for your mattress, you might want to find out from this article posted on Renotalk's main website:

Sheet Smart -  5 Bedsheet types to know about

If you have ever gone bedsheet shopping, you would have surely noted the vast amount of colours, varieties and types that bedsheets come in. While the array of colours and shades can be visually arresting, it also becomes very confusing for the shopper. So how does one wade their way through the complex world of world to arrive at the one bedsheet that will ensure many, many nights of solid sleep?

If you value your precious shut-eye time as much as we do, then you need to know about the various materials that bedsheets come in.


My favorite sources for quality fabrics, online and in-person!:

Source: Pinterest

By far the most commonly used material on this list, cotton is dependable, affordable, sturdy and most importantly, soft. Cotton sheets are also easy to launder, so changing your sheets on a regular basis is seamless. Egyptian cotton is by far the most luxurious, but be prepared to part with a considerable amount of your money.


Soft Silky Satin Solid Navy Blue 4pc Deep Pocket Sheet Set Full/Double ...:

Source: Pinterest

“Sleeping between silk sheets” was a phrase oft used to describe the obscenely wealthy. While silk remains expensive, it adds a romantic and luxurious feel to any bedroom because of its lustre. Satin sheets are a synthetic cousin of silk sheets, and are made from a blend of materials such as silk, cotton, and polyester.



Source: Pinterest

Linen sheets are perfect for warm nights due to their breathability. If you are not big on splurging but still want a good night’s sleep on a cozy, luxurious bed, linen is a good option. Hotels often use linen bedsheets, so you can replicate the luxe feel of a suite in the comfort of your own home.


Features:  -Button closure.  -Top full color and bottom white.  -Fabric: Ultra plush fleece.  -Made in the USA.  -Made to order.  -Design by Pen and Paint.  Color: -Gray.  Material: -Polyester.  Style:

Source: Pinterest

While this manmade fibre has various uses, it is also used to make sturdy and affordable bedsheets. High-quality polyester is durable, incredibly easy to launder and is perfect for a chilly night as the material traps heat.


A twist on classic chevron, tiny dots create organic movement across dreamy cotton sateen. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style, but never stops being interesting. Made to pair with other pieces in our bedding collection, this original design (in muted tones of grey and black) is crafted in Portugal – a country long celebrated for its beautiful textiles.:

Source: Pinterest

Not to be confused with satin, sateen sheets are made from cotton. The fabric’s shine and lustre can be owed to the satin that is sometimes mixed in. Sateen bedsheets are luxe in look and feel, and are suitable for both hot and cold climates.


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