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  1. Hi All, The owner of this company is back in Action. Check out this FB page. www.facebook.com/MixNMatchSG
  2. Hi All, The owner of Species is back in action. www.facebook.com/MixNMatchSG You can check out the above FB page.
  3. Rozel and Nova are the same company. Brighton is now King
  4. Rozel and Nova are the same company. Brighton is now King
  5. Truth is it is never a good deal buying mattresses from mass merchandisers or department stores because they usually buy from the wholesaler and then put a high markup on the mattress before selling to consumers. Close door sales or card days are the best times to buy, it is a better deal than normal days but I wouldn't say it is a good deal. Good luck with your shopping.
  6. Go buy a Seahorse mattress. Same kind of price range but at least well-known.
  7. Then don't buy lah, so many well-known brands in the market.
  8. BEZ gallery already cost so money people so much money. Even note the same, do you want to risk your hard-earned money?
  9. Dear Householdguru, Why don't you buy something and provide a review? It seems you are really interested in this website and their mattresses. It also looks like your account is created just to talk about them.
  10. It really does not matter if it is good or not. It is an absolutely unknown brand, there are so many reputable brands out there so if I were you I would go buy something that has been around longer. Otherwise, it is like buying an Olena Mattress from Bez Gallery. It is an invitation to waste money.
  11. Perhaps you could search this forum for LaCaFa
  12. Dear Esthermonitor, I think you are over-reacting. All furniture and furnishings companies experience a spike of business right before CNY. They may have been a bit stubborn about delivering your items but they delivered. Compared to the other stories where consumers cannot even received anything at all, this seems trivial.