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Advise On Purchasing Lights From Jb

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Hi All,

Recently been looking around for lightings, need some advise.

Whats the PRO & CONS for buying lightings (Downlight, Ceiling Light, Track Light, LED) from JB Stores like Tampoi Lighting, StarWorld, VIP Lightings and etc?


- Cheaper

- More Range


- Warranty - Have to go back and find them for 1 - 1 exchange

How about fire insurance all this? Do they cover if the lights is a cause of the fire (touch wood) and it is bought in Malaysia and not in Singapore? Does lights bought in SG have the Safety Mark or it doesn't matter at all?

Thanks in advance.

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We just made a trip down to Tampoi Lighting Centre (TLC) on Christmas Eve- the highly raved shop where most Singaporeans frequent. Honestly, we were kinda disappointed. Since we were from some lighting shops somewhere in Plentong (JB), the TLC seemed more steeper. Cannot even bargain. Claiming that prices have been greatly slashed. Personally, not really wow-ed with the collections.

But if you happen to be in the area, there are a few lighting shops within the vicinity. We went in a few shops and bought a huge chandelier and some normal LED lights from Starworld Lighting, just a few shops down from TLC. They have more "modern" designs compared to TLC. We had quite a great deal with the chandelier, which in Singapore might set us back by at least 1k.


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Hi, I couldn't see the reply with regards to the fire insurance question if we buy lights and fans from Malaysia. I am looking to buy from malaysia as well. Does it make a difference to our fire insurance? Thanks


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Hi Guys, I also bought Alpha fans from Tampoi and installed them already in my home.

My advice will be to purchase in SG if possible as my Alpha fans' quality is ok but it is not fantastic even though they cost me less than $150 each.

But if you really want to get cheap fans, Tampoi is definitely the way to go...just look for a friendly sales person over there. :)


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