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(By Kenny) Some Interior Decoration Tips For Your Newly Possessed Condominium

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In Singapore, buying a home is a big deal, and every home buyer must have enough savings to hit the sale. Therefore, buying a condo becomes one of the difficult deals because condos are highly priced assets.
Undoubtedly, from the floors to the tiles, everything about the Singapore condos is stupefying, but there is always a particular thing that the owners want to renovate according to their personal taste and requirement. Besides, condos are perfect for an average family size that comes with every kind of modern amenities, but the urge to design it in a way that suits the style of the owner is always more convincing.
Besides new curtains and furniture, there are other steps that are critical to the selection of the splendid interior design:
1.Most of us never inspect our new homes after getting its final possession. Though, the developer of condominiums offer well-designed house, but it is necessary to check if there are some loopholes associated with the flooring, wiring or tiles implementation in any part of the house. Check for issues like wall cracking, water leakage and tiles breakage. Address the need for repair to the contractor as soon as you explore the problem areas of the house.( I will write a post specially on how to check the defect for new house later)
2.Overall planning is important before taking any action. Outlining the plan helps to stay within one’s budget and follow all the steps properly.
3.Condos are quite spacious. Therefore, it should be decorated adequately for making optimum utilization of the space. It is also essential for avoiding any cluttered impression in the living space. The space must be wisely used that fresh up the mood of the house.
4.Though, you get access to fully-furnished floors, when you buy a condo for yourself, but still it can be refurbished by adding a new floor plan to the house. Considering timber or tile floor of good quality is an excellent way to offering a changed look to the personality of the house. You can pick your favorite stuf from the market for creating an alluring effect.
5.The curtains of the living area must complement the color of the walls. For example, If the walls are white in color, the owner can go for blue, green, maroon, pink or yellow colored curtains for creating an alluring effect to the place.
6.Always aim for a furniture having multiple uses. You can buy a bed with a hidden box in it for accommodating several other things inside it. A table with a three to four cases can be used for several purposes. It will not only save you money but, will also initiate optimum utilization of the entire space along with leaving more space for free movement.
7.If you feel the need for extra cabinets, it can be installed in the walls of the room. Wooden cabinets installed in the walls looks neat and offer scope for proper space management.
8.Make use of Stylish lamps, LED bulbs and tube lights for enlightening the spirits of your home.
9.Get your homes painted with your favorite colors. Every room should have a different paint scheme. While the kids room color scheme must be bright and lively, the living rooms of the older members of the house can be painted in light, pastel colors. Even the implementation of the feature wall at either the main wall of the room or behind the Television wall will look excellent.
10.Application of Feng-Shui items like wind chime, laughing Buddha for decoration is a magnificent idea for keeping the positivity of the home intact.
11.Implementation of the designer mirrors and glasses in the different areas of the home creates a wonderful optical illusion and look amazingly stylish.
12.The space of the balcony can be well-utilized by adding a decking or a hanging swing to it.
13.Last, but not the least, if the interior decoration is not your cup of tea, seek an expert advice for the same as buying an expensive property like a condo in Singapore is a one time investment and must be well-decorated for creating that million-dollar effect.
The Great home design is the essence of a beautiful home. The design of your condo must be such that refreshes your mind as soon as you enter it after a hectic day in your business.
For more ideas on Interior design Singapore, contact a local interior designer who can help you make different design choices at affordable prices.


Hi every one, my name is Kenny, I am a new house owner, and I am also work in the renovation line.

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I was working in a property developer company for many years, as a site engineer. And now I set up my own renovation company.

After so many years in this renovation line, I found that most of the owners actually have little knowledge on renovation for their dream house, and spend a lot of money and time which is actually not necessary. So I start to write some thing, to share with you about my knowledge and experience, I hope that my experience can help more people. Welcome to visit my blog "Interior Design Singapore" at www.interiordesign-singapore.net

**PS: This is an original article by me. Welcome to share at your website, but pls keep a original link for me, thanks
Some Interior Decoration Tips for your newly Possessed Condominium

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