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Help! Professional Engineer Required For Wall Hacking

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HDB will only require engaging a PE for demolition of reinforced concrete (RC) walls.  

Other than submitting the renovation application to HDB to review, and wait for their reply, there is no way to determine if a PE's endorsement is required for demolition of a particular wall of a HDB unit simply by looking at the floor plan itself.

However, having said that, an ID/ contractor who has done a unit of the same development which a PE is required, should also be able to determine based on previous renovation(s) application submitted. 

Besides demolition of RC walls, there are also other RC elements in a HDB flat that require a PE's endorsement, if they are part of the wall that you intend to do away with, RC stiffener, RC hanger or RC lintel. These are non-load bearing structural members. RC beams & columns are out of the question for sure, as they are load bearing structural members.

It's very much the same for condominium developments. But instead of HDB, the MA will be the one to seek advise from.

Hope this clears everyone's confusion.



Best Regards,

Nicholas Chew
Living Culture
HDB Licence: HB-09-4186A
M: 9 101 0636


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My ID just started hacking as they got the permit with HDB approved and issued already. We planned everything and which walls to hack and everything was good. 

However now HDB got back to them saying that the wall separating the kitchen and service balcony needs a Professional Engineer (PE) approval. They quoted us that the permit will cost 1.2k to hack that wall. 

Kindly take note that the wall I want to hack is not a structural wall. The initial hacking cost for that wall is $300. 

So are they charging me 1.2k just to engage a PE or is it an additional permit they have to get with HDB  that costs that much? 

Can anyone please advise? Need help! 

Thanks in advance! 



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I would say the $1.2k is to engage PE and having PE Endorement.

I have PM you the contact of PE which you can further have a chat. It is much cheaper than $1.2k, (in increase from $300 to $1.2k).


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