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  1. Hi @shaowei14, we are keen to get RinnaiRB-2GI hob also. How is it going so far? We came across one at a showroom, the glass surfaced was scratched quite badly
  2. Dominic Ling

    Direct service for hacking/tiling

    @AhHuatTiling please pm me also your services for 3 room hdb resale thanks!
  3. Can pm me your pe contact? Will need one for our hacking too
  4. Hi @alanlim7272 can share plumber contact?
  5. Dominic Ling

    Strange drainage pipe design in bathrooms

    Hi @Rozenfel @yamkc58 @kellyla I would like to install a new shower corner for flat and would like to do something similar. Do you mind describing further how this works?
  6. Anyone done this before and have any experienced plumber to share?
  7. Dominic Ling

    Plumber To Recommend

  8. Hi can pm both ID and carpenter contacts? Thanks
  9. hi can i have your number for hacking and tiling?

  10. how is it going? which are the direct vendors you would recommend?
  11. hi, mind if you can pm direct hacker contact? thanks

  12. hi guys, anyone have good PE contact mind to share? I'm looking to hack wall and floor thanks!
  13. Bro, mind if you share your id details here? I think he really did a good job. I’m in the midst of buying a hdb resale also, mind to share for about shifting toilet bowl as I would really love to do the same! How to get hdb’s approval as I’ve read many wasn’t able to?