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$1000 PROMOTION: E-Commerce/Corporate Web Design For Business Owners

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Ignitive (Reg. No. 53283598X) is a Singapore-based digital media and web design agency.

Equipped with talented designers and creative writers, Ignitive has the technical expertise, the passion, and the insider knowledge to bring out the best of all your website and digital media needs.

We specialise in all variations of web design, content creation, and search engine optimisation.

Beyond that, service is just as important to us as it is to our clients.

We work our hardest to deliver the best results possible with your needs and budget in mind.

But there’s only so much you can learn from reading about us off the web, so how about a cup of coffee instead?

Talk to us, we’d love to hear from you!

(65) 97809798

Web Design
We create immensely creative digital experiences, expressing your brand through a beautiful website. 
The complications of creating a searchable and aesthetically-appealing website is taken on by us. 
Ignitive specialises in building:

Corporate websites
Responsive websites
E-commerce websites
Mobile-optimised websites
Personal websites

Content Creation
Maintaining a blog is always a good idea for any website. 
Ignitive takes care of all our content needs with our extensive network of creative, engaging, and technical writers.
Here's the type of content that we're experienced in:

Blog posts
Proof reading/editing
Landing page optimisation
Social media content

Search Engine Optimisation
Our hybrid SEO strategy combines the art of creating engaging content and the science of on-page optimisation. 
Our content-centric approach sets us apart from other SEO firms and agencies to get your website found on all search engines across the web. 
Our strategy involves:

Organic backlink building
Specific directories
Kick-*** content
On-page optimisation
Other secrets

Get a free quotation now!

(65) 97809798


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Types of site design

Although you can find articles on the Internet that talk about a whole bunch of website design styles (fixed, static, fluid, etc.), in today's mobile world, there are only two ways to design a website correctly: responsive and responsive websites.

The best part is that with modern design tools, you don't need to know how to write code to create awesome websites that look great on all devices.

Understanding the pros and cons of responsive and responsive websites will help you determine what is best for you.
Adaptive sites

Responsive web design uses two or more versions of a website configured for different screen sizes. Responsive websites can be divided into two main categories depending on how the site determines which “version” should be displayed.

Adaptation depending on the device type

When your browser (aka client) connects to a website, the HTTP request will include a field called “user-agent " that informs the server about the type of device trying to view the page.

This basically means that the site knows which version to display (for example, desktop or mobile). The only problem with this approach is that if you shrink the browser window on the desktop, the page won't adapt because it keeps showing the full “desktop version".

Adapts depending on the browser width

Instead of using a “user-agent”, the website uses media queries and breakpoints to switch between versions. So instead of having the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions, you would have the 1080 pixel, 768px, and 480 pixel wide versions. In addition to greater design flexibility, this approach provides a more “responsive” appearance when resizing Your browser on a large screen.


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Wow, this sounds very interesting, but I would like to learn more about what corporate web design for clients is ... I just recently started doing web design and I am very interested in understanding this topic. At the moment I am not coping and I have a lot of bugs and shortcomings and I hope that I will cope with it as quickly as possible. I even ordered projects from the guys from web design san diego several times so that I could have an example of how to work. Believe it or not, they happily shared some advice and helped me in the implementation of my two important projects.


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It's actually important at the first stages of running a business, but after that, you'll face other issues with analytics and data statistics, for instance. Of course, it's possible to find reliable solutions like https://www.alphaservesp.com/products/atlassian/bigquery/, after all, this will give you the opportunity to store all the data in one place, and it is much more convenient for doing business. So, you just need to be ready for that, and you should understand that conducting a business is not easy.


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