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Better than a domestic helper

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Let us talk about home management and the future. Home management is a simple term and you're probably guessing that there are plenty of such services out there.
But there really aren't any out there that helps you manage your home as a whole for you while you are at work - grocery shopping, laundry, mail collection and apartment cleaning. 

Would I want myself in the future to be hiring a domestic helper to do the house chores in a smaller home or navigate through many services and facilitate many orders just to get my home managed? How can I find a home management service that doesn't require me to still be at home to receive the order, or supervise the person coming over to clean?

We started a secure, safe and trustworthy home management service to change all of that.

Feel free to ask me anything. I'll answer them.


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On 3/13/2017 at 11:20 AM, matthewkevin said:

Sounds Good! I appreciate your thoughts on starting home management services. Can you tell me what services you are going to offer???





We offer mail collection, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping services! For more info, you can check out our website: https://www.butlerinsuits.com  

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On 3/14/2017 at 2:55 PM, mayhem said:

Do you have a website or at least a list of services and their respective prices?

Find out more at https://www.butlerinsuits.com!

If you have any questions, do comment here or contact us via phone: +65 3163 3515 or email: hello@butlerinsuits.com

Our plan starts from $240/month for once-a-week visits and it covers mail collection, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. Our subscription-based service is minimally disruptive because it does not require supervision but we are insured and secure. Plus, pay for our service only at the end of the month so rest assured that we won't run away :)

Read about the 10 reasons to choose us here: https://www.butlerinsuits.com/10-reasons-choose-butler-suits/



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