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  1. Your fiancée's idea looks better. I don't think you need such a big kitchen.
  2. Be careful when you drill holes for your new bracket. The tiles may crack during drilling. Cracked tiles are very unsightly.
  3. Do you have a website or at least a list of services and their respective prices?
  4. yafen.sg price, quality and service are good
  5. Now the vinyl quality is much better than those of 2 years ago. My friend installed it recently and highly recommended it.
  6. Yes, sealer/primer is like glue for the paint. Without the sealer/primer, your paint will not adhere well over the long run.
  7. Get porcelain floor tiles, cheap and good.
  8. Ikea very poor quality. They use chip board wood for a lot of their products. Really cannot make it.
  9. I thought of this too but gave up the idea as the size may turn out to be wrong and I will need to throw everything away.
  10. Check yafen.sg Reputable for good price, quality and service
  11. I had the same problem. Mine was because the door size increased over time due to the wood absorbing water. The contractor shaved off a bit and varnished it. After awhile, the problem came back.
  12. My spoilt kids cannot sleep without aircon.