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Help! Feedback for major discount appliances!

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Dear all! I need your guidance and feedback on a new venture in bringing Singaporeans good value home appliances that are brand new, with scratches and dents, at big discounts. 

My team and I are supported by the National University of Singapore, and have just started working with major brands to list these items for consumers to purchase. For e.g. a fridge or washer with a scratch or dent at the side, may fetch discounts of 30-40% discounts, and with warranty included! We have already sold 2 items since our start a few weeks ago, but we seek your feedback on:

1) whether you as consumers, would buy such discounted items, and what other concerns you may have with such items.

2) what other items with cosmetic flaws, or returned/refurbished non-flawed items you would accept, for a big discount of 30-50% off

3) what we as a new startup can do to provide great value and service to consumers

:))) hope you all out there can help me out! and let me know how I may help you as well:)

You may also visit our temporary store listings at carousell.com/chipd.sg to get yourselves a good deal too, or visit our FB page at facebook.com/chipd.sg to find out more about us:)

Thank you!


Chipd logo_sketch_14_march_2017.png


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Of course, we all love discounts, especially big discounts, but the truth is that pretty often the sellers just raise the price before the promotion and thus we buy products at a normal price while we are told, we have benefited a big discount. I hate being lied to and therefore I decided for me to check what prices have other sellers who sell the same product I want to buy. It was pretty difficult from the beginning to check all the prices, but later I found out that there is an app, that can check everything for us. In case you also would like to check what are the prices of a certain product at different sellers, then just click on www.pricecheckhq.com. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!


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