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Issues with Glass Frame Work

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Hi fellow members,

Please help!

Currently facing a situation doing my renovation, a mild steel glass frame has installed as a divider between our kitchen and dining area. We wanted it thin, thats why chosen mild steel.

We find that the workmanship is not justifiable. I just not sure if we are being difficult or unreasonable.

As we were told by our ID apparently there are limitations to the installation of the mild steel, since each of the frame/glass are custom-made therefore variations are inevitable. We are facing issues with the presentation of the glass work, there are smudges of the silicon all over, stained glass, and silicon is not able to even out, jagged edges (cos contractor cut the excess silicon). I've uploaded an image, you may take a look.

ID told has they could try to clean it up, but it will still be facing such issues unless we install u-channel which defeats the purpose that we wanted it thin.

Would really love to hear from your views and advice.

Thank you!



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This is poor workmanship.... I am sure it can be done nice and neat.... I have a full glass panel dividing my kitchen and living nicely done... But I dun have mild steel in between.... What is the limitation? Did they mentioned? If cant be done, they shd tell u earlier and u can think of other idea.... Just my suggestion, why dun u have a full piece glass.... it look neater and nicer... just my 2 cent...


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