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Fengshui in living room

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Dear all Fengshui masters

please advise me if this is a good fengshui where my block downstairs is a cross junctions. What is the side affect to our family in term of health and career.

This is facing north east directions. Only have morning and early afternoon sun.

Apprecrite for your good advise.


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Hi, Tomato66

In today's cosmopolitan city, high rise building is akin to mountain , roads, junction and highways are referred to as virtual water.

Whether these are good or bad, depends largely on it's proximity with your units. 

Staying near Road junction, highways  will have vehicles moving fast speed which generate excessive Sha Qi, bringing unduly vibration , sound and air pollutions to building. This cause the occupants unease and some may not rest & sleep well. 

If it is the view of the cross junction you are concerned, just put up curtains to shield the part where the junction 'cuts inward ' to your unit. 


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So long as you have the 'means', any directions, floor.....all not a problem.

The problems are HOW do these parameters of direction, floor......affect your 'means' ?. 

Money is not the problem. The problem is no money.

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