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Pls help advise if the following quote is reasonable?

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Hi, we have gotten the following quote for our partial renovation. Can help advise if the quote is reasonable?


Dismentle works

1. Provide labour to dismentle exsting shoe cabinet, TV console, existing kitchen cabinet door & houlage services - $400.

Carpentry works

2. Design, fabricate and install 5.5ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) shoe cabinet in solid plywood c/w open shelving **** area - $1430.

3. Design, fabricate nd install 11ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) open shelve & casement door display cabinet in solid plywood **** area - $2860.

4. Design, fabricate and insatll 7ft (L) suspended TV console in solid plywood **** area - $ 840.

5. Design, fabricate and install 7ft (L) TV feature wall in solid plywood c/w laminate finish - $ 1225.

6. Design, fabricate and install 13.5ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) feature wall in solid plywood at MBR - $4320. (C/w 1 hidden door with hinges)

6a. 2pcs ceral board - $300.

7. Design, fabricate nd install 3ft (L) suspended dressing table in solid plywood. - $ 360.

7a. Supply nd install 3ft (L) x 4ft (H) mirror c/w frame - $200.

8. Design, fabricate and construct 8" platform in solid plywood for bedroom - $950. (C/w 2nos of drawer with soft closing hinges and storage compartment)

9. Design, fabricate and install 8ft (L) open shelving storage bedhead in solid plywood for bedroom - $704.

10. Supply and install 23nos of BLUM casement door hinges - $230.

10a. Supply and install 1 set of BLUM System (aventos HK) - $250.

10b. 1 nos of cutlery tray - $80.

Aluminium & Glass works

11. Supply and install aluminium sliding windows for whole house exclude both toilet & service balcony (base on 4ft) - $2160.

12. Supply and install 5ft (L) x 7ft (H) 10mm clear tempered glass fix panel (c/w top and bottom U channel) - $600.

13. Supply and install 10mm clear tempered glass sliding door (c/w track) - $700.

Painting & Plastering works

14. Provide labour and tools to paint all internal wall and ceiling with NIPPON PAINT (V5000) - $1500.

14a. Provide labour to touch up plastering for wall - $200.


Many thanks.


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