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  1. Hi, we have gotten the following quote for our partial renovation. Can help advise if the quote is reasonable? Dismentle works 1. Provide labour to dismentle exsting shoe cabinet, TV console, existing kitchen cabinet door & houlage services - $400. Carpentry works 2. Design, fabricate and install 5.5ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) shoe cabinet in solid plywood c/w open shelving **** area - $1430. 3. Design, fabricate nd install 11ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) open shelve & casement door display cabinet in solid plywood **** area - $2860. 4. Design, fabricate and insatll 7ft (L) suspended TV console in solid plywood **** area - $ 840. 5. Design, fabricate and install 7ft (L) TV feature wall in solid plywood c/w laminate finish - $ 1225. 6. Design, fabricate and install 13.5ft (L) x 8.5ft (H) feature wall in solid plywood at MBR - $4320. (C/w 1 hidden door with hinges) 6a. 2pcs ceral board - $300. 7. Design, fabricate nd install 3ft (L) suspended dressing table in solid plywood. - $ 360. 7a. Supply nd install 3ft (L) x 4ft (H) mirror c/w frame - $200. 8. Design, fabricate and construct 8" platform in solid plywood for bedroom - $950. (C/w 2nos of drawer with soft closing hinges and storage compartment) 9. Design, fabricate and install 8ft (L) open shelving storage bedhead in solid plywood for bedroom - $704. 10. Supply and install 23nos of BLUM casement door hinges - $230. 10a. Supply and install 1 set of BLUM System (aventos HK) - $250. 10b. 1 nos of cutlery tray - $80. Aluminium & Glass works 11. Supply and install aluminium sliding windows for whole house exclude both toilet & service balcony (base on 4ft) - $2160. 12. Supply and install 5ft (L) x 7ft (H) 10mm clear tempered glass fix panel (c/w top and bottom U channel) - $600. 13. Supply and install 10mm clear tempered glass sliding door (c/w track) - $700. Painting & Plastering works 14. Provide labour and tools to paint all internal wall and ceiling with NIPPON PAINT (V5000) - $1500. 14a. Provide labour to touch up plastering for wall - $200. Many thanks.
  2. Can PM Mr Tan contact ? TIA
  3. 4180

    Renovation Ideas Needed

    Nobody does this type of renovation???
  4. Hi, Was told by 1 FSM friend of my in-laws that the enterance of my MBR has to be concealed up with wardrobe-alike feature. Anybody here did something like that? Would be glad if we can share some ideas or pictures. Thks, Des
  5. Hahah....it's 1 of the most tiring process in life....Having to see the daily works of the reno, and the urge to move in quickly, as well as the fear of the final product... I guess by now you should have started purchasing your furniture...do update us with your pics... Cheers
  6. I think he register under another company. you can ask him for his licence when you visit him.
  7. Search under T-blog for my nick...it's at the bottom few...
  8. Hi Emobebe, Sorry for late reply. I'm not expert. Just finish my renovation. I'm not sure of the average price, but i search through the T-blog chat to get the average price from members who post their quote. For my case, the contractor did not state how many electrical points is included in the package. When he arrange the electrician to do the markings with me, it was also not mention. Hence i put 2X double socket in almost every room and places that i think i would need it. End up i have a total of 41 electrical points. Things that should be included in the quotation would be the nos. of lighting points, scv points, electrical points, tel points, water heater points, oven points, hoob points and type of switch provided and brand. I use Hager brand. I have no cluses on solid top. Personally i feel that granite top lasts longer than solid top and looks nicer. Also, it's heavier, will not have hollow sound when you do chopping or manual grinding on the solid top itself. However, the con side would be that solid top will create watermarks if not maintained properly. Hiope it helps.
  9. Hi, Was busy with work, hence by the time i see all the replies,it's a little bit too late. Anyway, Axe, hope you enjoy your renovation process and hope you have a wonderful house. What's most important is that you enjoy spending the money and it's worth it. >>Emobebe, I'm not expert. Just providing my knowledge based on what i experienced from my renovation. You may want to ask Jaskel. >>Jaskel, You sound like someone from this trade. Anyway, thanks for your comments. Some things are better off not said. Example, Tempered glass and normal glass difference in its shattering patterns. Non tempered glass will give bigger piece and tempered will give smaller shattered pieces. Of course fridge and washing machine have different size, but there are contractors out there quoting same price. Reason behind, the difference in area is usually not much. Hence some contractors quote same price for both item. What i'm giving to Axe is advise to reduce costs, if you don't like it, stay clear. I'm not creating any trouble or quarrel here, as i think it's stupid, however i sincerely hope you can understand my intention. Help people save costs. Lastly, I've seen before contractors removing toilet bowls in complete piece, of course there are shattered pieces. But if someone who is going to hack away everything, why is there additional costs?? Ohh ya, my number did come up in 4D. But too bad, never buy.....
  10. My comments. Please don't be offended if i sound nasty...
  11. Can try the renovation firm at blk 925, Randy Construction... He did my house, can visit my T-blog to view his works... Super responsible guy, woul only advise you on things that needs to be done, those 'extra' things that is useless, he would advise you to re-consider.... Super saver type of contractor...as for pricing, he offer the best quote during my ID selection process...
  12. The light is in a set...3 bulbs in 1 set for $100