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Very fishy experience with this ID

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Sharing my unpleasant experience with this ID which we met. I wont mention the ID name for, but i believe its a good experience for all to learn if you are in the process / looking to get your renovation done. The designer here will be know as XXX ID

I have been liaising with XXX ID since June. After we got our keys and settled the defects with BSC, we were ready to look into renovation. However, we still have the following questions on 15 Aug 2017 unanswered so we did not agree to sign the quotation in a rushed manner :

1) Firstly, their company name registered on HDB and the name provided on the quotation is different. On the quotation is XX ID and on the registered name is XXX ID. (Think again. Would you be comfortable to sign on a quotation which the name on it and the registered name is different?)

2) We were told that XXX ID is actually under case trust. But we are unable to find it on 15 Aug on the website. (The ID in charge told me that he will check it out and get back to me. After which he told me that it was another company with similar name and not them.)

We then found that both XX ID and XXX ID  is under the same company.

3) On the website, XXX ID mentioned that they have partnered with Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). I ask what kind of projects or partnership they have with SGBC, the ID in charge is unable to answer me. I have requested for him to check with his manager, but he is not very willing to do so. But in the end he says he will try. But ultimately there were no answer from him at all. And I notice that they have remove partnership with SGBC portion on the website. It seems to me that they are using SGBC name to promote themselves in the renovation industry even though there might or might not have any partnership at all. It does left me some doubts on the integrity of XXX ID.

4) Even with doubts and questions, plus missing items inside quotation which is not added to the cost, we are still considering them. But on sat morning 19 Aug, the ID in charge told me over the phone that due to many orders and lack of man power, the quotation he gave me cannot be done and the business is closed. 

This ID had indicated in the quotation that quote amount will increase 10% after 21 Aug. He make no mention of it during face to face discussion. After which, due to the above mentioned being unsettled, he say he will extend the deadline. Then on 19 Aug Sat, he told me they are unable to deliver the service due to many order and lack of manpower. In short, they failed to deliver their promise. They failed to deliver. (Even before renovation starts.)

Just sharing my honest feedback and experience. If you ever see IDs with suspicious names or claims, do beware.

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Hi I m new to this site. May I know if users can only reveal ID/Contractors who did not provide good services in private? If yes, is it done via email or other modes?

I also need to know this ID.

Thank you.



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