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  1. Hi is it a must or safer to get a HDB registered contractor? Thank you.
  2. Dear all, Can any homeowners here advise me of any good contractor for BTO flat, especially those who have experience in handling modern Victorian/English classical themes? As a first time homeowner who will be collecting keys in two months time, I thought it would be better and safer to have a ID initially. However, the IDs that I talked to didn’t give any new or creative ideas. All the theme, ideas and designs were provided by me. Whatever they said were what I can think of. I also need advice : -if the difference between ID and contractor only lies in the designing aspect? -is it advisable and safe for a first time homeowner who already have the ideas and theme in mind to get a contractor ? -Do Contractors simply do what homeowners want or are they able to give suggestions/advice on the practical and technical aspects? -Do Contractors do 2D and 3D drawings? -Does one contractor handles everything, including flooring, electrical, carpentry, painting, etc or does a homeowner need to get a few contractors for different types of work? Thank you for the advice.
  3. Hi can I have the contractor and his company’s details? Thank you. YunYan
  4. Hi, can I have the contractor’s company details? Thank you. YunYan
  5. Hi pls advise contractor ‘s details and approximate Reno cost incurred if possible. Thank you very much.