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Coping Without A Maid?

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On 3/30/2007 at 0:31 PM, hasibee said:

I do not have a maid. Only me and my husband in a 5rm flat. We don't have any kids. Both of us are working. Already we are finding it a little difficult to cope.

I cook on alternate days evenings as my husband prefers home cooked food. I also do washing and vaccuming on alternate days evenings. My hubby will help me mopping once a week. Other than that u'll hav oth work like cleaning up aft cooking, folding clothes, washing toilet and etc....

By the time u finish all ur work, u r dead tired that u just want to hit the bed and sleep as u need to go to work the next day. We hardly spend quality time together anymore doing things that we like, example: watching DVDs, playing games and sometimes even too tired for S**.

So we do feel the strain. What more if we hav a baby ? Can't afford to engage maid as we still have reno loan and oth stuffs to settle... :jawdrop:


Hiring a maid is pricey. Other than paying for their monthly salary, you'll still have to pay for the accommodation costs.

That's one of the reasons why Butler In Suits was founded. We recognised the need for an affordable service that can do more than just clean your home. With plans starting from $240/month, 20% the cost of a domestic helper, we provide mail collection, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping services. Plus, our service aims at being minimally disruptive. No supervision is required when our Butler comes to service your home but rest assured. We're insured in the unlikely event of any mishaps happening. Customers will only pay the end of the month so don't worry about us having no-shows!

Find out more at https://www.butlerinsuits.com or leave us a message.


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