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Do your own or engage bridal house?

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In this era that we are living in, I know we get to break thru all different kinds of tradition we used to have. 
Wedding used to be very formal, at least 20-30 table of banquet , wedding shootings , wedding gown must be white, we should engage to on bridal house or such.
So what do people prefer nowadays ? Would you rather go to the bridal house and let them arrange all ? Or just settle everything by ourselves? 
Engage our own videographer, photographer , buying our own wedding gowns , engage own make up artist at a much cheaper price I guess ?
What do youngster nowadays prefer?


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I think really depends on individual. Settling all these by ourselves definitely can help to cut some costs, and its more flexible as you get to select what services you want to engage and opt out of those that you don't need. That aside, you have more options as well instead of being limited to the available options from the bridal house. Engaging a bridal house on the other hand might be more suitable for those who are busy or in a rush for time. Sometimes you will find packages with good deal too compared to ala carte prices. Everything is settled nicely for you so you can just enjoy your big day :)


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