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Is it possible to combine both gas heater and instant heater ?

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Hi all,

My current hdb home is using centralized gas heater which is situated in the service yard. For hot water usage in master bathroom, we always have to wait at least 3 minutes to get hot water flowing - due to the distance from service yard to master bathroom - hence waste quite a lot of water. 

I am thinking of converting my master bathroom to instant heater to save time & water.

My question is:

Is it possible to use gas heater for the rest of the house and only use electric instant heater for master bathroom alone?

Current setting is gas heater and provide hot water to all the taps in the house. 


Appreciate if anybody can shed some light on this matter as I have been trying to search for information but to no avail. I would assume might need to change some pipings? 

and also if possible to do that, anybody can share some reliable shop/contractor contact that can solve this matter?


Thank you very much.



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Yes, it is possible. Your master toilet should be using a mixer (hot & cool) tap for the shower.

With instant heater, only need to branch out from the cool water pipe to the instant heater. If will be your choice if you want to disconnect the hot water pipe (from the gas heater).

But with instant heater, normally pressure is lower, so if you are using rain shower, not likely is going to work anymore.


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