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Free Facebook, Branding and Marketing Seminar

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Would you like to learn how to grow and explode your business or your income using social media?

If YES, then you would definitely want to go for this FREE Facebook marketing workshop conducted by Alaric Ong!

Date & Time: 12th October 2018, 7pm to 10pm (registration starts 6.45pm)
Venue: Around Tanglin area. Click the link to register to get details for the exact venue.
Price: FREE
Register here: http://x.co/6nWgS

Find out:
Secret #1: Social Media Marketing
Why Social Media Is The Most Effective Form Of Marketing
Secret #2: Branding Secrets
How To Get Instant Credibility and Position Yourself As An Expert
Secret #3: Marketing Cloning
How Anyone Can Be A World Class Marketer… Even If You Have No Experience Or Zero Talent

* How to build a Facebook page with 3000-4000 real, targeted followers for free
* How Alaric raised SGD$30,000 with just 2 Facebook posts without spending any money on ads
* How to build your own website for SGD$1.52 (e.g. www.alaricong.com)
* How Alaric built a page of 13,000 followers within 6 months: www.facebook.com/alaricong
* How I ranked "Alaric Ong" on Google and dominated the search results
* How to launch Facebook Advertisements
* How to spend $1 on marketing and get $3 back.
* Get my book for free: "How to use Facebook to promote your business" -> www.theapollomethod.com/books
* Here are some testimonials of my students: http://www.alaricong.com/p/testimonials.html

(Total Value: Priceless)

For more information about the speaker: www.AlaricOng.com


Perfect for anyone who sells!

Network marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, property agents, insurance agents, digital marketers, salespeople etc.

This will be a value packed seminar! So be sure to be there early!

Seats are limited! Do secure your free seat now!



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There's no need for any seminar. All the tools are free and easily available online. Seminars are made to suck you dry from your money and give you 1000 times less than you can get by yourself. Here's an free tool for youtube promotion, for instance, I doubt gurus can give you https://backlinkvalidator.com/tools/youtube_tags_tools.php


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Social networks are really a very useful tool to make your business more relevant and your product more well-known all over the world. I remember how last year I decided to move my business to the Internet space and for this I turned to an MLM company in order to make my online store the most recognizable because this is the exciting opportunity of a ground floor startup. I heard that last year MLM companies started to gain momentum and become more and more influential in this market, so I have no doubt that I will be able to earn my first million dollars this year


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