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  1. Maybe reach out to a plumber? I'd maybe get the opinion of some professionals. I had some problems with the entire pipe system in my home, I don't know what it was caused by, but I tried to ask around my male friends, maybe one of them would be able to take care of it. I finally contacted plumbersingapore.org and the guys from the team told me there was a bigger problem with the whole pipe system, and only cleaning the whole thing would not fix it, so I'm pretty glad I reached out to professionals in the end.
  2. Personally, I love the whole initiative of waste to energy that's taking place in some more developed countries like Sweden. I just looked at some reports on the whole Energy industry and it's quite impressive how many countries are trying to find better ways of creating energy from renewable sources. Sadly it's a slower process than the planet needs at this point, but it's some progress at least.
  3. By just not doing drugs? I'm pretty sure that's the ebst way to not get them detected in a test. All jokes aside, what's the beauty in doing drugs, especially when you know you're not supposed to? I actually just had a close friend get out of florida house detox and they did wonders for him, but he's one of the lucky ones, because the majority of addicts don't even get the help they need. Just read some statistics and then think a bit about why is it worth doing drugs? They only destory people, friendships, families, not worth it.
  4. Oh my, honestly the roof part of a house renovation always seemed the trickiest to me. I would actually know that cause I've just finished renovations at my grandparents' house and it was a whole adventure. Even though the roof was the biggest part of it all, it seemedto go the smoothest in my case cause I worked with real professionals. If you are interested, click here cause it always brings me joy to recommend them. From all of the stories I have heard it seems that usually the roof renovation is a real pain in the arse if you don't find the right comany to take care fo it, so I was pretty lucky.
  5. The problem with these are that people usually purchase anything that has these words in them and don't look at the other ingredients, that let's be honest are really questionable. I won't lie and say I did not fo the exact same thing, but sitting all day every day inside the house with nothing to do, made the perfect opportunity to inform myself about this subject a lot more. One brand that it's a bit overlooked in my opinion and that might just be my favorite out there is https://www.nhc.com/brand/andalou-naturals The key is to look at the ingredients, and just trust what each of them are.
  6. Have you found one? could you share please
  7. Lawyers charge for professionalism, it's not always a great idea to choose the cheapest option. I'm actually saying this from personal experience cause when my company went bankrupt I was so desperate to save money from wherever I could that I actually thought it would be a good idea to save them from the part that I needed the most, lawyers. I quickly realized that I made a mistake and I contacted a bankruptcy lawyer san diego that had to repair all of the damage that I've done with the previous one, but I swear he did magic with the case that he had in front of him, forever greatful.
  8. imho it's really a very good product
  9. Is this actually legit? Like there are a lot of scams on the market regarding the insurance field. I learned it the hard way sadly, but with the help of an attorney friend I was able to get out of that god-awful contract ad search for something better for my plumbing company. I found an amazing service offered by some proffesional guys regarding plumbing business insurance and I signed with them. I'm really happy with the coverage, but now I advise everyone that needs to get insurance to thoroughly research each company before they sign anything.
  10. Where did you eventually go? I'm looking for options for mine. One of the top choices from my list is Beaver Creek cause that's the place that he proposed to me. We had an amazing adventure there and even booked a Beaver Creek Colorado Shuttle to take us to the location from the airport. It was really nice, we got amazing photos and it's truly an experience that I'll never forget. That's why I'm thinking about redoing all of it for our honeymoon, but at the same time I'd be open to more options somewhere out of the country once the pandemic is over and everything gets back to normal. So if you have nay ideas feel free to let me know.