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Hi, question around the legality of container homes in Singapore. Does it require the entire approval process of rebuilding or can we just demolish and install the containers as we would a garden shed or doghouse. 


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I think you will still need to go through the entire planning process for approval from URA, BCA, SCDF, etc.

I had toyed about this idea before but decided it's not worth doing it in Singapore. firstly you are restricted by the dimensions of the containers which is either 20ft, 40ft or 45ft. the height of the containers are either 8ft or 9.6ft with the width all standard at 8ft (2.43m). so if you have a inter terrace land which is about 20ft wide, you can only put in 2 containers side by side. then you need to think about how to join the containers together and where to cut holes to build the stairs to connect to the upper containers. so essentially your house design must be done around the constraints of the container size.

secondly you will need to use structural steel to do any additional joints, stairs, etc for the containers and steel is expensive in Singapore.

unless you have a plot of land which is for detached house, I would say it's not really worth doing it in Singapore.

of cos if you decide to do it, do share your journey with us. :)


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I have thought about using containers to build but did not think it is going to work in Singapore.

Adding to snoozee reply, the main issues is going to be getting authority's approval. As an example., the container steel itself are not fire-rated and it will likely not meet fire-safety code. The building cost will go if you add in the cost to fire-rated the steel wall, steel flooring, etc.

Do share your experience if you decide to do it. 


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It is entirely possible if you work with :

1) Architect with their team of QS, QP and M&E Engineers, Civil & Stuctural Engineers.

2) Developer 

3) URA / SLA and BCA

4) Bank

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