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  1. My friend did a similar A&A project for an intermediate terrace. The quotations he received from contractor ranged from $500-$800K. The cost include structural, architectural and M&E works (moved in condition). This is excluding consultancy and authority submissions cost.
  2. Have you started construction works and need a electrical engineer to submit the lighting protection drawing? If so, ask your contractor or your QP for recommendations. If your lighting protection is not installed to requirement, the cost of the electrical engineer is a small cost compared to the rectification works required.
  3. I have thought about using containers to build but did not think it is going to work in Singapore. Adding to snoozee reply, the main issues is going to be getting authority's approval. As an example., the container steel itself are not fire-rated and it will likely not meet fire-safety code. The building cost will go if you add in the cost to fire-rated the steel wall, steel flooring, etc. Do share your experience if you decide to do it.
  4. Pest treatment is a general term. Different type of pest will require different treatment. 1) Termite treatment is for the prevention of termite . This is done through injecting chemicals into the ground where termites live. 2) The weekly fumigation done during construction is for mosquito prevention. The fumigation is usually a white fume to kill/prevent mosquito larve. 3) The bugs you mentioned "eg booklice, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs or any other common bugs:" are different types of bugs which will require different treatment. I don't think there is a "standard" treatment. These are the easy "pest", there will be lizards, snakes, millipede, etc. who will visit you occasionally. In my personal opinion, I don't think it will be effective to do any further pest treatment. Just use common sense like keeping your house clean and dry. You will encounter living things if you live on a landed property as you are the new neighbor!
  5. You will need to decide what drill bit size to buy and the corresponding anchor size that will fit into the drill hole. I suggest using a 6mm drill bit as a start.
  6. Hi Fastfatdude, I will always suggest one main contractor for a project else you will have to coordinate the works yourselves between the different contractors. When you have multiple contractors on site, any cost and problem between them goes to the owner. You can always source your own material(doors, tiles, fans, whatever you want) and supply them to the main contractor to install. This way you can control your material/supplier without having to worry about the coordination. Of course, the main contractor will have to consider this into his price to you.