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We were established in 2017, we specialise in kitchen hood ducting system for residential in Singapore. We had also sought HDB consent and they had confirmed we DO NOT NEED their permission to build our ducting system. But we are to ensure that Charcoal(remove odour) and grease filtration of the output must be sufficiently done and certain area must also be taken into consideration to prevent causing any unhappiness to our neighbours.

Cooking with a hood that is ducted out is really the way, In Europe, US, China and so many other countries to name were doing this but surprisingly we Singaporean are not! Most folks do not know we can use filtrations and of course “kia COMPLAINS”😊 which we think is really a big misconception.





We had summited our lab grease output to HDB, through our experiments. Conclusion: Using this system is far more effective than none as most grease that passed through filtration is trapped on the grease filter (97+ percent). Smell of Fume that passes through Charcoal filter (active carbon) will also significantly reduce as compare to using none.

Our experiment:



-45 mins of hot plate BBQ of some meats, to capture the grease level at 2 points(the input of the hood and the output of the duct) with high absorbance grease papers.



We send the 2 samples to a Laboratory to read the level of grease captured. 



HDB had confirmed with us that we do not need their permission to install this system, were very concern about the health issue that we had brought up.


Health Issues caused by cooking fume inhalation

There are numerous studies and cases that has pointed Lung Cancer, asthma, and other respiratory illness closely related to cooking fume inhalation.

Numerous reports have indicated that cooking is linked to health issues like Lung Cancer and Asthma ETC

Below is a Reference report extracted from:



National University of Singapore's Professor Koh Woon Puay, with a team of researchers from the US, spent two years gathering and putting together data from 328 Singaporean Chinese female non-smokers.

Each provided a urine sample and answered questions about her cooking habits and other factors.

The result: Frequent cooking with a wok leads to "significantly increased levels" of the toxicants Acrolein and Crotonaldehyde, substances which can attack a person's DNA.

This is due to the large amount of oil fumes created during stir-frying with a wok.

Says Prof Koh: "The problem for many of them is that the diagnosis is usually made at the late stage of disease, as this is not a diagnosis that they would expect."

Cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, which is the No.2 killer of men and No.3 killer of women here.

Between 2010 and 2014, there was an average of 1,370 people in Singapore diagnosed with lung cancer yearly.

But three in 10 lung cancer patients here have never smoked before, a study by the National Cancer Centre Singapore found.

Of these "never-smokers" with lung cancer, 70 per cent are women.

"We chose to conduct the study among Chinese female non-smokers because the incidence of lung cancer is disproportionately high relative to the very low rate of smoking in this population," says Prof Koh, a professor at Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

We were very fortunate to had received some valuable reports from the tests that Professor Koh and her team had conducted. We had Attached the documents for your reading.

Depiction of our currently Scenario


Cooking using a recirculating hood

1. Increase in C02 (When u felt breathless the last time u cooked in this kind of kitchen)

2. Increase in temperature (The sweat from the sauna like kitchen the last time u cooked)

3. Carcinogen(Cancer causing agent) that cooking from frying food

4. Who knows what burning LPG emits (u inhaling them all!)(Please note that charcoal filter is to reduce/trap/eliminate smell, not chemicals)

A well-ventilated kitchen should look like that


The reality looks like that:

WE have much more completed projects images at our FB page https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home/







Condo 1




Condo 2


HDB resale 1 (Existing cabinet external build)


HDB resale 2 (Build with cabinets conceal duct)

BTO 3 (existing cabinets cutting through interior of cabinets)

BTO 4 (existing cabinets cutting through interior of cabinets)

Landed 1

Landed 2

Please continue at at FB page, i had max out space for image posting here! https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home/

Keith 91153853



our experiment.jpg

i found my kitchen.jpg

keith wee BizCard.jpg

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