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Does coolers need a dedicated circuit?

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Our primary home is under renovation and we have moved to a rented home about a few days ago.
I haven't fetched all of our home appliances to this home due to its limited space! Yesterday, my baby girl was acting stubborn and I got forced to fetch our countertop beverage cooler to this home. My cooler was bought from a nearby shop, it has been a few months since we have it with us. It is in the best working condition, consuming only less electricity as well.
The thing is in the kitchen there is only a switchboard, it consist of one socket and three switches, we already have a motor and an LED light on it. I have no other options than connecting the cooler to it! But I just wonder if it is ok to put such watt consuming things on a single board?
My question is, is it ok if I connect my cooler on to the same? Or does it really require a dedicated circuit?

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