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Aircon guide:

Ok finally we secured aircon for our house, all rooms got aircon. The damage is $2190* ?

First, to find out what aircon is suitable for you is to know how often you use aircon.
For me, rarely use and can't stand the cold so this means can go for lower ticks = cheaper.
If you use everyday, you MUST get 5 ticks aircon. Upfront you pay more but electricity bill throughout your usage is cheaper.

Example if use aircon everyday:
2 ticks total electricity bill is $5000
5 ticks total electricity bill is $2000

If you rarely use don't worry so much about electricity bill even if you have 2 ticks.

Next is the btu needed. Normal BTO rooms are small so no need so powerful.
My common room is 7.6sqm (81sqft) and my master bedroom is 10.5sqm (113sqft).
Just times the sqft with 35:
113sqftx35= 4000btu needed.
But the smallest aircon is 9000btu so good enough.
The aircon inside your house is known as indoor unit also known as fan coil unit also known as condenser. Same thing different name.

For my living room, it is 17.3sqm (186sqft) so requires 6510 btu but if you have gatherings you need addtional 600btu/person.
Example my living room need 6510 btu for 2 person, if additional person comes in my living room I need 6510+600= 7110btu. So if I got the smallest aircon (9000btu), I can only invite 4 friends over. ?
(calculation: 9000-6510=2490| 2490÷600=4.15 persons)

Next is the compressor which is also known as the outdoor unit. If all the 3 indoor units you have is 9000btu each, you will need a compressor that supports 27,000btu. (9000x3=27000). This means you can on all your aircons at the same time with no problems.
So again if you intend to on aircons for all rooms at the same time, get a bigger compressor. Usually only your rooms aircon are switched on at the same time at night when you sleep and not your living room unless someone sleeping in there.
So 2 rooms = compressor must support at least 18000btu and
3 rooms = must support at least 27000btu.

Last is the complete warranty where you don't worry for the next 5 years, indoor unit & outdoor unit got any problem they will come and fix it for you 2 times, 3rd time they will do 1 for 1 exchange without you coming out a single cent. For 2 ticks aircon = $300
For 5 ticks aircon = $700-900
Problems such as motherboard, pipe leaking etc. 

Next is the 1 time installation or 2 time installation.
Everything can be done in 1 day but for BTO usually is 2 times. 2 times must add $85 or $90
1st time is running the piping & trunking & compressor.
Then u do all your renovations, box up the aircon trunking if you want and last your painting.
2nd time aircon people comes is to drill the bracket (the metal thing to hold the aircon) then put up your aircon. If you do only 1 time installation, the wall behind your aircon is not painted. ?

Other less important factors are
1) colours. Most aircon is white. Unless you really like black, then go for LG. I saw white aircon display units becomes yellow (discolorization) so need to becareful with that. 
2) wifi function. Switch off you aircon when you are outside your house with aircon like samsung, LG & Daikin
3) functions on the different models, e.g mitsubishi heavy industries can blow the aircon up and down whichever position you want using the remote and left & right also using remote. For the left and right u have 2 flaps u can control each flap if you want it to face right/left/centre. Most aircon can control only up & down.

That's about it.
Mine is europace from harvey norman.
2 ticks 3units;
2x9000 btu
1x18000 btu (living room)
Compressor supports up to 33,000btu.
I also top up $90 for 2 times installation.
And i also top up $300 for the 5 yr complete warranty.
So total $2490. ?


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I find the extended warranty kind of not really cover every aspect of the aircon repair/service /replace.Transport and labour is not included..anyway at least it cover 70% of the cost.


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