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Paul Roger

EPIC 5G Pro Vertical Rim Digital Lock In Satin Gold

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Epic 5G Pro Vertical Rim Digital Lock in Satin Gold (Rare!!!)

In many cases, Korean rim digital lock is unable to install in most type of doors, therefore the vertical back body was introduced
However besides Gateman digital lock, EPIC is the second digital lock company that introduce vertical rim for Singapore HDB Door
n most Singapore Condo, this is the only rim lock that is suitable, as the back body will not hinder by the pull handle
if your back body of the digital lock is hinder or block by the pull handle, then you might face difficulty changing battery in the future
My Digital Lock have listed out a series of door installation complete by EPIC 5G Pro Digital Lock onto most HDB Designer Fire Rated Door in SIngapore

Unique Feature (Vertical Back Body )
Allows certain door to be able to install (Up to 90% Success Rate
1. Door Pattern Stick out of the door (Dont have to cut away the door pattern)
2. Pull Handle for condo is too close to the door (Suitable for most Condo in Singapore)
3. Door with glass at the center (The back unit will not be stick out)
In some special case, you need the vertical rim lock to be install onto certain door

If you find the EPIC vertical rim lock looks better than the horizontal one,purchase the pro version today

Functions & Features
1. 100 Fingerprint
2. Up to 20 Cards
3. 1 Master Password
4. 1 User Password (One time Password send remotely)
5. Bluetooth
6. WI-FI (Optional with $50 WIFI Bridge)

1+2 Years Warranty (3 Years Mobile App Support)

First year would be full warranty, 2nd and third year for parts warranty subjected to $80 transportation
However, our mobile application have a server themselves, therefore if you face any difficulty in the mobile app, our Korea partner will be able to assist you
Unlike other smartphone digital lock. Our Digital Lock connects the bluetooth through your mobile data 4G / 5G

1. Pull Handle That is Extremely close to the door frame
For this type of cases, only our EPIC 5G Pro Vertical Rim Digital Lock is able to install onto it.
As moving the pull handle away is almost impossible as certain condo disallow to do so

1.1 HDB Flat with Pull Handle
Not only in condo, certain HDB owners would prefer to install the pull handle onto their new door as well
Also besides the pull handle case, EPIC 5G Pro vertical rim digital lock can be install onto normal HDB Door as well
As the back body is suitable for any types of wooden door, for more information do visit our facebook page weekly for the latest digital lock update

2. Dont have to cut or chisel the HDB Door Pattern
As you can see after installation, the HDB Door took no damage at all
For customer do not wish to have major drilling or ugly chisel at the back of the HDB Door, you may consider this digital lock
As this type of boxes HDB Fire Rated Main Door is commonly found under the resale flat
With minimum drilling, which allows you to transfer away to your new house much more easier
Call our sales hotline 90677990 or mobile showroom 98440884 to understand more

3. French Door / Aluminium Door with Glass at the center
This type of door is commonly used in luxurious condo back door, landed , office or study room
Many customer want to find a digital lock to install without seeing the back body of the digital lock sticking out of the glass which may look ugly
Therefore, this digital lock will be the right one for you as shown in the photo
Remember different types of door need to cater for different types of digital lock
That is why My Digital Lock have spend many years to develop a full range of digital lock to install onto HDB and Condo door

Review on EPIC 5G Pro Vertical Rim Digital Lock in Satin Gold (Singapore) 7/10
In My Digital Lock, the vertical rim lock have makes EPIC digital lock a more complete series
Unlike many digital lock companies which only carry limited range of digital lock
We have introduce new series of digital lock every 4 years with the latest smartphone features
Now not only unlock using fingerprint, card or password, you can unlock using bluetooth and WI-FI
Hence this digital lock is getting more and more powerful at the price of $549 with 1+2 Years Warranty
I would rate 7/10 for this digital lock

Unlock EPIC 5G Digital Lock using Smartphone
Most of the time, when you enter your home, all you need is to scan the fingerprint, card or key in pin number to unlock
However some of times, you will be away from home, therefore you can give access to the delivery man, house keeper, relative or guest
By sending a guest key with time zone features, indicating the specific date and time
After they unlock, you will receive a push message or notification
The time attendance can be downloaded through desktop.

Otherwise Unlock using WI-FI by adding $50 to Wi-Fi Bridge
Note: The Wi-FI Bridge depend on your Wi-FI Strength and speed.
IF unable to connect relocate the Wi-FI Bridge to other location and it should work

My Digital Lock specialise in Gateman, KEYWE, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock with 7 Years of digital lock installation workmanship and break digital lock locksmith services.
My Digital Lock also manufacture HDB Fire Rated Main Door, HDB Gate, Laminate Bedroom Door and PVC Toilet Door at Door Factory Price, Less $100 with purchase of Any Digital Lock.
My Digital Lock have launched a series of Smartphone EPIC Digital Lock and Samsung Digital lock for HDB Door and Gate in Satin Gold and Black.
In 2020, My Digital Lock allows you to unlock your HDB Door and Gate Digital Lock using Smartphone (Bluetooth / WI-FI /5G)
In My Digital Lock Showroom, our door consultant has design the nicest HDB Fire Rated Main Door and HDB Gate Design to match the latest Smartphone Digital Lock
Visit My Digital Lock Showroom for a one stop solution for your HDB Fire Rated Main Door, HDB Gate, HDB Veneer and Laminate bedroom door, PVC Slide and swing toilet
door, sliding barn timber door, glass shower screen, glass kitchen swing door, interior design and renovation

Website: https://www.mydigitallock.com.sg
Email: mydigitallock.sg@gmail.com
Sales: 98440884 Wayne
Address: 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #05-10, Singapore 7681597

EPIC 5G Pro Vertical Rim Digital Lock In Satin Gold (6).png


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