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Hi all,

Chances are, as you look back on the last 12 months of 2020 you feel a raft of mixed emotions about it. But it has also been a year of learning and new opportunities! Gratitude we have made it through with the support and help from family and friends during this journey.

In the last quarter of 2020, we decided to jump to the commitment of owning a slightly bigger place under HDB which is a EM (Executive Maisonette). I would say... the feelings are mixed with uncertainties which is both scary and hold excitement.  The fear of renovation nightmares, the timeline, the budget... issues etc xxxxx... But mostly we are excited and hopeful of the potential to have a whole new experience in space and design of the new place. However, the questions is who and how we are going to do it? Save on cost? Go for Contractor (Which many suggested that...)? or will have to Spend or cost more...go for ID? From our experience and many others we have came across.. we decided to engage a ID and so the hunt began... one of our close friend helped us shortlist 3 IDs and visited and discuss on design and quotation within 3 weeks and we decided to move on with 1 which is not based on the lowest quotation cost nor design  but based on the comfort of communication and the experience of the firm. The ID firm we engaged is Icon Interior.

Timeline: When we took over the EM that was after mid of Dec 2020, the planning and design took about 3 weeks of discussion before that. We have shared with our ID that we are putting up at a temporary place with the whole family and ofcos its not comfortable. The expected renovation time is about 10-12 weeks ideally so meaning we will have our place completed in late Feb to March 2021...not much hope before CNY... (I hope to move in before CNY! Which i believe this is the normal request they received during that period 😅). The renovation work started off on the 3rd week of Dec, a planned schedule of work was given to us and it stated that it will be complete 3 days before CNY 2021! (We were very doubtful...but hopeful 🙏🏼😁) and during this period more discussion on 3D(this only gives you the idea and overall concept of how it will look and feel...!Don't waste too much time on having multiple changes after each discussion...and request a new revised 3D before commencing work.)  , paint colour, material, electricity and carpentry elevation were also discussed.   

As per planned! The whole journey was a present and a good one 👍. The timeline and planned schedule was 95% carry out and with "5%" due to workers constrain, materials and some changes we have made last min... but we managed to moved into our new place with a 98% work completion 1week before CNY !

The renovation: The Workmanship of tiling work, carpentry, electricity and plumbing work are good,  issues were resolved at the soonest time when we identified the problems. The communication with our ID is very responsive and effective. I have met the people during site visit doing the work on tiling, plumbing and carpentry, they are passionate and also patience in explaining to me some of the work  and having the work done properly. 👍👍👍

Finally! I have to give credits to both gentlemen  Wayne (The boss) and KhengWee (Project manager for us) Icon Interiors. A well planned execution of schedule and communication with workers/vendors for having our renovation journey result in a smooth ride was amazing and impressive. The design and space planning proposed by them doesn't compromise daily practicality and understanding our likes and don't s was also a factor in their proposal. 

This is our review and comment ! "A surprisingly good journey and experience with ICON INTERIOR!  Thank you!"

For more pictures and updates can visit at our reno IG @maisonettejournal (Picture paints a thousand words)


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