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    The thing is no matter what colour grout you use you will still need to spend time and effort to keep your grouts clean
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    And as promised, here are pictures of the completed revamped bathrooms! Ta-da! 180 degree change from before right?
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    Outside your boundary? If you say it’s from scv/ StarHub, then it will be where the lead-in coaxial cable for your property is tapping to. However it may not be just for your house and might be serving a few households. Currently cable services are until 30 June 2019. You can try contacting StarHub to see if they are willing to remove that after that date. But chances is unlikely unless IMDA requires them to remove all the cable infrastructure around Singapore which will cost millions of dollars. The most updated regulations does not require any coaxial cables in the lead-in pipes anymore. Even coaxial cabling in household shelter is no longer needed as well. However IMDA still requires every house to have internal coaxial cables being run even when there is no lead in coaxial cable. But I managed to obtain a waiver for the coaxial cabling by indicating that I would be providing additional cat 6 network points in place of the coaxial cables
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    One year into the new place and we are still loving our home. Just sharing some of the lived-in pictures as things progress...
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    Its not necessary but if you do it would look nicer as it would blend in with the newly laid tiles
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    I hope this information will be useful to all homeowners who wish to save cost on home renovation works. Just as any other couples, we approached a few interior designers to build our dream home. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with their proposed ideas and design. Im proud to say we were the designers for our own home but of course with the help and advice from our contractor. Since we had to keep within our budget (arrival of our baby around the same time), we decided to do the renovation with a contractor after hearing from friends that it is possible to have a wow home makeover and save significant savings too. Information on renovation ideas are also readily available online. We were very much involved during the whole process. We invested our time on phone calls and checks to ensure evrything goes as plan such as the correct colours, design and layout as discussed with our contractors. Here are some of our house's photos in progress and the outcome. Im unable to upload all the completed photos due to size. All the best in planning your dream home!
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    I decided to write about my "resale flat" reno (I lump under this category as flat is 16YO!) which cost us less than $10k for - 2 new bathrooms - 1 slightly remodelled kitchen, - 3 new cabinets - whole housepainting excl ceiling which was painted 4 years ago - plus miscellaneous like hacking and dismantling Hopefully, this will help homeowners on a budget save money, and I'm also hoping to do a good one for my contractors and to give credit to these good contractors, many of whom are not tech-savvy and do not know how to promote their biz! Good things must share right? 😁 first, to clarify, the reno is akin to that of a resale flat cos my 5-room is 15 1/2 years old. We stayed for 6 years, rented out for 9 years, then decided to move back. We have always DIY-ed our reno and this time is no exception. No doubt interior designers may give a more polished look but they charge a 33% premium, and I'd rather stretch my dollar to do more stuff! Of course, these disgusting toilets had to go first! The tenants have trashed them up so badly, they are worse than public toilets! Sorry if I spoilt your appetite for a meal! I nearly threw up when I came to inspect the premises!🤑 
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    With a name that mirrors it's vision of a Eccentric Bespoke Concept by The Team that brings you Unity ID. < MUJI Concept> Adapting MUJI’s simple and clean philosophy, this 4-room BTO flat is designed to achieve a spacious layout that is comfortable yet stylish, with a few elements of surprises! Find more more: http://www.unityid.sg/portfolio/MUJI-Concept-126/1620
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    One of our completed projects: Location: Blk 128, Marsiling Rise ▪Top & Bottom Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet with Glass Doors and Drawers ▪Glass doors consist of 2 layers of sticker films (available in 28 colors and patterns) ▪ Glass Backing ▪Quartz counter top
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    The NEW Aurastone Quartz Surface - 3152 Luna White. Inspired by Supermoon, a natural phenomenon where the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit (resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth) Discover Aurastone Quartz Collection here: https://bit.ly/2UIHgGo
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    Our Latest Collection is designed for modern day homes, the furniture is custom made in colours that can blend with any kind of backdrop, For more details and information, you can pm us or Whatsapp: +60105431338Just drop a message if you are looking for something.
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    Been spending 2-3 months comparing quote and finally found a suitable contractor whom i really feel comfortable and price lowest that i can find. Asking alot ID firms for quotation but most seems to be abit on high side,maybe its because of my tight budget as i wish to save as much as i can in order to have more budget to spend on appliances,my this contractor help me out as mine was a resale condo and alot of hackings to be done. He design my house with some partitions and make it into a cozy theme. My kitchen cabinet with solid top is around 2-3K only,thats the best part that i like about this deal. He helped me to match vinyl flooring colours ,curtain colours and also sofa colours,i truly appraciate the hardwork he put in. Feel free to pm me if you want to have my contractor contact
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    We used KNT movers when we moved last year (July 2018). We had about 20 boxes. As someone mentioned above, they came really early and shifted super fast. Upon arrival, we did find some of our furniture slightly damaged. For example, 2 of our fibre glass chairs were chipped. (For 6 years we owned them, they were in pristine condition and then this...). My camera dry cabinet had one corner slightly bent. The remote control for my standing fan lost its cover and it couldn't be found. We took the issue to our contact person with KNT and they did offer us some compensation. Some of the things, we decided to overlook as it was just comestic without impact to their functions. All in all, we were satisfied enough at the speed of their response and the amount of compensation. We really hope that KNT movers will train their guys to be more careful in the future.
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    Then the other type of polishing is for those harder materials like granite i presume?
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    What type of house is yours? condo or landed?
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    But before you seal it make sure the mould spores are killed first else the mould will start to infect the silicon too
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    TS you mean the stain is black in colour or is it your tiles are the one that is black?
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    LED lights gives our home a different look and comes in different colors and styles. Recently my has also installed some beautiful LED lights and she has taken the services of Electricians Villanova PA, these electricians have given them excellent services.
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    Sorry to hear that TS. I think should just share openly on such horrible company. 😡😡
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    The other section we painted over with epoxy paint is our kitchen cum dining. We had it done all in simple white this time. And because we're quite into the black frame trend, we paid extra to have the window frames @ the bathrooms & the kitchen painted black! There are lotsa colours to choose from for epoxy paint. You gotta mix the epoxy paint with 20% hardener. We contemplated DIY but decided our skill set wasn't good or fast enough - epoxy dries to a sticky finish fast (though complete drying is like 12 hours). The fumes are also quite noxious so ... Glad we left it to the pros! These pictures were taken by them... We didn't stay around much after they started work! My total cost of epoxy painting came up to $1700 for all walls and floor for 2 bathrooms, kitchen/dining, including paint. I don't know how long it'll last honestly, I can detect minor nicks and scratches in the kitchen if I look hard enough, but at this price, which also entails less hassle and cleanup, and a turn-around time of just 2 weeks to reno and move...we're pretty happy our gamble into unknown territory paid off! I only wish I'd discovered epoxy painting earlier! So is epoxy painting for you? Well, if you like simple colours, either plain glossy like mine, or the snowflake epoxy with its granite look that I personally didn't have a thing for, then it's a cheap and fast option. Don't expect grey slate tiles or timber tiles look - I had to give up on that design direction and make do. White and black generally look classy hence they were our choices. If you look through jaybon's portfolio on his Facebook account, you'd see he's done pink, green, yellow and lotsa grey too for other homeowners.
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    this is just like the caption " Love is blind " honeymoon period is when customer like us are " in Desperate need " and heroes like them comes along.. The horror begin when its past handover and works are not done properly and calls ignored and harsh text gets exchange with NO sense of remorse. Kept asking to write feedback.. and when i search back... THIS SIMILAR EXACT SENARIO goes all the way back from 2013 onwards.. how did i not see it? probably my fault for being another damsel in distress... hhmm 1. works technically done as they claim 2. workmanship is acceptable 3. touch up takes ages to do 4. work was delayed 2weeks BUT they make it seems like its normal 5. and till to date, calls ignored, rejected and Etc... the USUAL practice...
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    You can look up Charis Group - Jason (I'm not related to them)
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    Hi all, been "stalking" this forum for a while now and it is very informative for singles like us. Anyway attached is my completed apartment. The theme is somewhat scandinavian i guess.
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    Try and make what ever time left you have with your kid meaningful and impactful, its the quality of time you spend with them that counts. Make sure they are giving you the attention and admiration for what ever youre trying to do , to make them happy.
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    Life is getting more more expensive and uncertain. Luckily children are all grown up. Used to struggle and slogs. Do keep the money tight, at least it will keep alot of problem rationing to the dollars and cents away. That many worries away and your life is not so fearful.
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    What impressed me though, was the quality of the existing carpentry! you can be sure, after looking at the photos of the bathrooms, that the tenants didn't take particular care of the flat! Yet the carpentry was solidly built and stood the test of time! I didn't have to change the wardrobes in the three bedrooms, any of the existing cabinets, the study table or the kitchen! Just some slight remodeling of the kitchen, and some dismantling of built-in furnitures we no longer needed in the bedrooms and to accommodate 3 kids! It felt wasteful really to rip out such solidly-built stuff! I am SOOO thankful I found a good and reliable carpenter 16 years ago; he used top quality materials and his workmanship was great! To me, value is NOT about getting the cheapest price. It is getting good and lasting quality at a reasonable price. That is what I got with Yeo, my carpenter of 16 years, whom I have engaged on and off over the years, and of course I used him again when I decided to renovate and move in! Who else could I trust? And who knew the place better than him? After all he built my entire flat in the beginning! And by a pure stroke of luck, he turned out to be my neighbour so he knew the layout very VERY well and checked on his workers' workmanship every night! As a further testament, I recognise one of the workers from 16 years ago!!! So this time round, to show my appreciation and also cos he's the "old-school, not techie type", I decided to share him with all of you! Scroll behind for his contact! These are old pictures of my initial reno 16 years ago. We did our place in resort style. Some call it modern Asian style!
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    Thanks alot for your help!
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    Hi everyone, best to read up about renovation scams here in Singapore. Hopefully they can provide us with information on how to better protect ourselves against such scams: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-admits-to-role-in-renovation-scam https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/dad-of-seven-pleads-guilty-to-taking-part-in-wifes-16million-renovation-scam https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/father-7-pleads-guilty-652k-cheating-case Has anybody here been scammed before?
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    Hellooo!!! Is there any photos that you can share with me? And would you mind sharing your ID contact with me? THANK YOU!!!
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    It’s been Long since I log in. My tblog are missing the last few pages...it was suppose to be completed... strange.... The window panel are board up by the air con man in the end.
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    Yeah, I agree that you call up Starhub and check. That is the best. I assume that the box is in a public area. So moving the box might affect the residents around the area. Furthermore, if it is built on a public area then I'm sure prior approval was sought from the relevant authority. But hey, thanks for bringing this up.
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    Problem is moisture will always be there and moisture is an issue that is very hard to avoid
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    Hi all, After searching through a few reno firms and comparing the various quotes, both my wife and I have just signed up with Ronald (“Tiler Seng”) in the early part of this week. We thought it will be nice to share why we have decided to proceed with Ronald based on our experiences. During last weekend, everything was done in a hassle less way with the tile design selections completed (with the aids of Ronald by the side) and measurements taken last weekend. What convinced us to sign up with Ronald though there are many renovating firms out there (with one being a very good friend of my wife) are, 1) When we first PM him over the forum, his response back is quick and responsive as compared to some of the firms which took a couple of days to revert. 2) Ronald is the only person who don’t chase us for an answer after sending the full quotation as compared to the other firms. We like this confident attitude and went to him instead. 3) His quote breakdowns are very detailed and transparent. Almost everything is detailed down based on the measurements (Example, 100sqf x $2= $200). This gave us a clear understanding of what we are paying for unlike some which have quoted an one lump sum. 4) After explaining our tight budget, he recommends only genuine items which are necessary. (We are even put down by him, is this necessary? This will only add up the costs). We are very appreciative on this as it’s easy to go “out of control” renovating our new house 😊 5) Due to some special requirements of our family members, he’s very understanding and accommodating by putting by suggestions accordingly. With the above, we are glad that we have decided to sign up with him and the start-up experience has been very pleasant so far and hope that the reno works will go on smoothly as well.
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    Hi Sheena, Can you share Mr Seah's contact? Thank you in advanced.
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    Lorry truck carrying all our items....
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    We share the same experience. We have recently engaged KNT Movers to assist in our house relocation in early Mar 2019. The KNT Team turned up really early in the morning and started the shift in an "amazing" speed. We are not sure if they were assigned a super tight schedule for the day, but they appeared to be rushing to complete the assignment Well, being fast may not be a bad thing, provided that all the items were handled with care. Our 50 boxes including the big electronic items were stuffed like pancake into their lorry truck. Somehow, the squeezing of the items caused our Samsung Curve TV to be damaged during the move. Yes, KNT followed their SOP and asked us to inspect our TV before they left our new house. Little did we know that any hair-line cracks on the TV are not visible when the TV is switched-off. We obligingly "inspected" the TV and it appeared to be fine. When we switched on the TV a few hours later, there was no image in the centre part of the TV, where the hair-line cracks were (please see pictures below which were taken when TV was turned on). We rang up KNT and highlighted this to them. KNT insisted that their movers have already asked us to inspect the TV prior to handing over and evaded liability. After making several calls on the consecutive days following the move, KNT finally agreed to send one of the movers (Steven) over to do an on-site inspection. Likewise, the mover spent a few minutes staring at our TV screen and he was unable to detect the hair-line cracks as the TV was switched-off. We have deliberately made him do so to prove that crack lines cannot be easily detected when the TV was turned-off. Steven then took a photo of the TV in switch-off mode and turn-on mode to capture what he has seen, but that was all! Following which, there was no further response from KNT. After a one week's wait, we rang up to demand for a reply and KNT's answer was to offer us a $100 compensation. This is the 3rd time we have shifted house, but our first time (and last time) with KNT. We have heard great reviews on KNT, which was why we went to them. However, it appears that their service was over-rated. A wrong decision made us lost our favourite TV! We were still watching it fine the night before... And to KNT, please do not treat us like beggars, we do not need your $100!!! Even if you are unable to compensate us for the value of our damaged item (> $3,000 in value), you should have owned up to your mistake and apologised for your mis-handling of our item. Instead, all you did was to evade responsibility. Our two-cents worth: If you are engaging movers to shift your TV, please remember to turn on your TV during inspection ,as hair-line cracks only showed up when the TV is switched on.
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    I found Ronald by reading renotalk T-blogs. I spoke to a two IDs and decided to entrust my renovation to Ronald for my first BTO flat. Why I decided to engaged him? ⦁ Licensed by HDB, case trust, etc. Thus, my hard earned money won't disappear into thin air. ⦁ He's straightforward, I was glad that I didn't have to face those made up excuses that other t-bloggers have mentioned (like how their contractors/IDs spin some fancy stories when there's a disagreement). ⦁ With his years of experience, he suggests appropriately to my needs. I have never felt pressurised, neither was there any hard sales tactics involved. ⦁ Completed within schedule. Although he's busy, he somehow manages to organise workers to get things done. Simply drop a reminder will do. ⦁ He was very approachable,I have texted on furnitures/electronics, and he replied with advice – important for first time home owners with no prior experience with all these big ticket purchases. ⦁ There was no packages gimmick. The IDs I visited had packages. But after after adding stuff into the packages, there's no real savings from the IDs. Ronld's quotation was competitive with other ID. My wife and I chose Ronald because he was more experienced and the quotation was realistic. ⦁ There was also no price shock during the renovation. I expected that after the first quotation and midst of renovating, there may be topping up of items. Prior to making any decisions, the prices are provided by Ronald so I could be mentally prepared on the expected cost. The revised quotation was accurate, and I didn't felt shortchanged.
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    Everything goes well except for some small amendment to make things better, CNY is over so let's get back to work These are the pictures that taken by HP yesterday, i'll usually make a better one after customer has moved in with my professional camera: Foyer and Living with lights on, the lights are all 4000K Cool White cause we do not want the house to be too yellow or too white, cool white in LED form is a very good choice if you couldn't decide which direction to go with, and the effect is very satisfied You can see we are keeping very minimum quantity of lights, we made point only on necessary area, even the light holder is with LED strips only, No unnecessary down lights is being installed Light holder size is 450mm Depth, 50mm LED space and 50mm thick holder, very slimming line and clean cut. Window grilles is recommended to use horizontal bar with slimming Round tube to achieve less blocking to the window view, it usually only suitable for higher floor if it is not for thieve prevention. Bomb Shelter door as mentioned, will have shoe compartment inside. the 1st room was mentioned to create see thru window so that owner can watch baby and living TV while doing their work, this Study room can be use as bedroom after roller curtain has been installed. We have selected green paint for baby room, just a choice of colour with fengshui advise while the pendent lights are a eye catching. Bedroom's door are customized using same laminate finish as the bedroom's carpentry so to look equally comfort. PD doors are used for both toilets, it's a Mid- frame from Eastplan 21, recently they have this fabric texture colour on their frame and we like them cause it's matching colour to our wood laminate. As mentioned, we have break a wall into the children room for a new set of wardrobe in MBR Toilet are both overlaid with wall and floor tiles, customized mirror cabinet, vanity cabinet and integrated basins, owner worry about Glass safety, so the shower curtain Rod is being customized too. Dining feature wall has highlighted by warm lights Kitchen detail you can refer to our last pictures, it follow close to our 3D drawings We have little surprise in the laundry area, we made timber look alike wall tiles although they are use a small corner, we do not want to let it slipped away from our eye
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    From time to time, there will always be scammers regardless if it's for renovation or what. Prevention is better though. These are the ways you can avoid getting scammed. Background Check Check their social media Read more in the link below.. https://www.renotalk.com/professionals/article/renovation-how-to-avoid-getting-scammed
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    Budget, more often than not, is an essential factor for many homeowners nowadays when it comes to considering about a kitchen renovation project. As a matter of fact, kitchen remodeling is indeed a massive yet costly project. Hence, it is perfectly normal for homeowners to tread carefully in order to make sure every penny counts. On top of that, the major decision lies within your selection of material for your kitchen countertop. After all, your choice will ultimately rule over the finished look and functionality of your kitchen. Without further ado, let us share with you the three budget-friendly solid surface brands that we think are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket! Read more here : https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/budget-friendly-solid-surface-countertops/
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    Saw my house featured on Lookbox Annual 2017 issue. 😁 My ID Roy setup his own company liao 😄
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    I would choose the first one: 1. Living room - bigger space, 2nd design you will have the area beside household shelter under utilised. 2. Bedroom - 3450 will allow you to put wardrobe + bedside table + queen size bed 3. Bathroom - allow you to separate wet and dry area although door opens to living room / dining area 4. Kitchen - more counter top space if you do 2 rows of cabinets The 2nd design, I like the household shelter door open towards the kitchen but then the first design still win. Having said all, it all depends on your lifestyle and preference. Taking into consideration which part of the house where you spent the most time in and your hobby, you have to choose the one that suits you most. Oh, and not to forget the amenities and travel convenience of each location and the East / West facing of the units.
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    This is a late review but I see it as a confirmation of the quality of Field and Country Concept’s workmanship. I ordered a craft closet of sorts from Field almost 3 years ago, and recently contacted him again to do some touch ups and also changing of the wheels. (The wheels has stripped as it’s the nature of rubber.) However, what I am most delighted about Field’s professionalism is that even though the project has already ended after 3 years, he still made sure that the closet is up to standard, and asking me if I wanted anything to be fixed or adding more stuff like shelves etc. There was nothing to be fixed because everything worked perfectly for 3 years, despite constant abuse (I’m notorious for not taking good care of my stuff). I casually mentioned that I wanted more dowels to store more washi tapes, and Field immediately asked me to send him some photos, and arrived with a solution that was way better than I had anticipated. I wish I can add more photos or even videos regarding that, but if you’re interested in knowing more about this particular project, you can read about it here: https://dayre.me/doubleoxm/1CXbokKSRgThis craft closet is also something that Country Concept has attempted for the first time, and they made it wonderfully. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other carpenters having shoddy workmanship, and this made me realise how lucky I am to even be able to find Field as the very first carpenter I work with to get this work done.If I have to make another craft closet, I will definitely go to Country Concept again, no questions ask.
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