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    Homogeneous tiles are like that they look very nice but have to be maintained
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    Had used the http://hcl89.byethost10.com before to clean some of my toilet tiles as well as the grouts and so far the grouts have reverted to the original colour when i first bought the tiles. Very good product if you want to refurbish your grouts or tiles
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    You can use something called HCL89 to clean your homogeneous tiles. What it does is it cleans the homogeneous tiles and helps to remove stains/restore it to its original self I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com One thing i like about it is that it creates a protection on the homogeneous tiles so that it will always remain new Hope this helps you out
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    I hope this information will be useful to all homeowners who wish to save cost on home renovation works. Just as any other couples, we approached a few interior designers to build our dream home. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with their proposed ideas and design. Im proud to say we were the designers for our own home but of course with the help and advice from our contractor. Since we had to keep within our budget (arrival of our baby around the same time), we decided to do the renovation with a contractor after hearing from friends that it is possible to have a wow home makeover and save significant savings too. Information on renovation ideas are also readily available online. We were very much involved during the whole process. We invested our time on phone calls and checks to ensure evrything goes as plan such as the correct colours, design and layout as discussed with our contractors. Here are some of our house's photos in progress and the outcome. Im unable to upload all the completed photos due to size. All the best in planning your dream home!
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    Bathroom Reno Hack and retile was my 1st option to redo the bathrooms but it'll cost 5 digits for 2 bathrooms.... Overlay was another and it was half the price. I've no experience with tiling but I've heard many people say there's a possibility tiles will pop up over time and overlaid tiles are not as durable... Then, I came across an article on EPOXY PAINTING Intrigued, I decided to find out more. You can Google "epoxy painting" or "polyurethane painting". It was almost perfect! I had no cracks on my tiles, they were just discoloured, stained, porous, and I hated the original light blue anyway! So painting seemed a good and very affordable way to change the colour and waterproof the tiles at the same time! Here's what I found out: epoxy painting is waterproof, mould-proof, doesn't discolour etc! In my painter's text to me: "polyuretane epoxy paint is weatherproof and waterprooof.very durable.use for painting ships and metal bridges..can wash with detergent,clorox everyday..can last long for toilets except cannot push or pull heavy furniture on the paint coz it can scratch.." So for $370/bathroom, walls and floor, what more could one ask for? My total cost for 2 bathrooms came up to $3000 including all WC, basins, cabinets, shower sets, lights etc. Basically changed everything except the heater as it was still good and this brand with stainless steel tank is now defunct (it's so good, nobody changed their waters heaters!) Oh btw, I had a great plumber. Really nice young chap and affordable & reasonable rates too. Fixed up everything in my bathroom incl WC, wash basin, cabinet, mirror, except the lights, shower which we DIY-ed using existing holes, and towel racks which my carpenter fixed. If anyone needs, here's his contact. Alvin: 9247 7110
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    Parquet seems to always turn out this way although it may look rather nice but there is alot of maintenance going into parquet floorings too
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    I noticed this as well, it very hard to try to find other types of woods
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    Was having some issues about the homogeneous tiles in my bedroom as the grouts had become blackened and the tiles were becoming dull and I had used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com and it really helped to clean my tiles, recommended.
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    The wood becomes like that because of moisture, so if you are using wood/homogeneous tiles do use a tile sealer You can seal your tiles by using something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it removes any stains as well as polishes your tiles and seals it. The tile sealer is important because it prevents moisture from damaging your tiles in the long run Hope this helps you out
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    I don't know why but i seem to like click viny alot, lol
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    I noticed that too especially if you have homogeneous tiles
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    Hi all! I just moved in to my new home at TampinesJ I wish to share my experience on how my renovation process went about. Before getting our keys, me and my hubby started to source for a reliable IDs and contractors. Eventually we did not engage any IDs as we wanted to be an ID for our own home and so decided to engage a contractor instead. We planned and decided on our renovation budget but of cos not everyone can stick to that budget as it can go higher. Although some contractors quoted the renovation package to be less than $40k or $30k, the workmanship did not impress us much and also we were doubtful when they promise us that the quality is there. Our key concern was not about the reno cost alone but a clean and trustable workmanship. We did not mind paying for a little more that are worth the money. By chance, my hubby came across this contractor. We met him and shared our ideas on how we want our home to be. He was so accommodating and agree to most of our ideas. The best part is that when certain proposed ideas were not practical, this contractor informed us immediately and explained the reason. We were impressed as not many contractors would actually be frank with you to say if the ideas are practical as they are only interested in making money and does not want to ‘chase’ the customers away. Hence they tend to agree with most of the ideas given to them. We felt so comfortable liaising with this contractor and to share many ideas with him. Further, he had his own ideas and suggested some which really wow us! His ideas appeared to be more practical and he understand the value of the money put in for a house renovation. We told him our budget and he patiently went through with us the things we wanted. He was straightforward and honest and told us that as much as he can work out within the budget, there were be some instances that based on the quality of a product, we might have to put in extra cash. However he assure us that the quality will be there. We were glad that at least he informed us earlier to mentally prepare that the cost might be more. There were some contractors that we met, happily told us that they can work with our budget but when we told them to add in or change certain things, they increase the price and even told us to that the quality will not be a fantastic one! Why should we pay that much of money if the main requirement (quality) is not even met!! After we collected our key, we brought our contractor to see our house. He told us that our proposed ideas will suit our theme and layout and will turn out to be well. That was so encouraging and we were super excited! He brought us to choose the tiles and offer us many suggestions so that we will not be confuse. The quality of the materials are of high standards and some were of cos pricey but trust me, they are really so beautiful that you just cannot afford to let it go and regret later. I should say that this contractor is very passionate about his job as his goal is to create a home where couples will always love to be in and there should not be no second thoughts or regret in future that because of the budget, we missed out certain details. He also provided some value-added services and try as much as possible to meet our budget. The thing we were impressed was the workmanship! He was sharp when it comes to inspection. Small details such as those that were not neatly done by his men, were mend immediately. We did not check our home often during renovation period since we trusted this contractor to take care of our house well. He will always check with us before doing certain reno works to ensure that we are satisfied. Overall there is no regret in engaging this contractor and his services. We are very much satisfied that the amount was well spent and here we got our dream homeJ. We wanted to share our experiences here because we are really very satisfied with this contractor’s workmanship and reliability. We are sure that some of you will be confuse as to which IDs/contractors to choose from. It’s not a matter of whether the contractors are popular in the market, eventually, it’s the satisfaction and the workmanship that will put you to peaceful sleep. We hope that others will benefit as much as we do and if anyone is interested to engage this contractor, do let me know and I would gladly share his contact details with youJ
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    Hello RenoTalkers! Hope you're all having a good day For those of you who have renovated your house (either recently or in the past), what are some traumatic events you experienced during the renovation process? Was it an ID from ****? Terrible contractor? Do share your thoughts with us!
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    Been spending 2-3 months comparing quote and finally found a suitable contractor whom i really feel comfortable and price lowest that i can find. Asking alot ID firms for quotation but most seems to be abit on high side,maybe its because of my tight budget as i wish to save as much as i can in order to have more budget to spend on appliances,my this contractor help me out as mine was a resale condo and alot of hackings to be done. He design my house with some partitions and make it into a cozy theme. My kitchen cabinet with solid top is around 2-3K only,thats the best part that i like about this deal. He helped me to match vinyl flooring colours ,curtain colours and also sofa colours,i truly appraciate the hardwork he put in. Feel free to pm me if you want to have my contractor contact
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    Just wanted to share my personal experience here. I recently got my new BTO flat with my husband and 5 year old daughter. Everything was going well for us and we were excited to move in. Before we started on the renovation works, we did the "Door Opening Ritual" as being told by my husband's parents. (Rolling of pineapple, sprinkled rice and salt on the floor and we also placed some offerings on the floor, as well as some joss sticks and candles.) After the renovation was done, we moved into our new home but little did we know that strange things started to happen after that. I started to hear strange sounds from corners of my house whenever i was alone at home with my daughter. My husband works on night shifts and i was alone with my daughter most of the time. Initially i tried to ignore the strange sounds and i thought that i was thinking too much.. or perhaps the sound that i heard was coming from my neighbours. Things started to get worse when my little daughter started to tell me she saw a "big sister" wearing in white, standing at a corner in our house, sometimes appearing in my room and sitting on my bed! My daughter would then ask me where does the "big sister" come from? Why is she in our house and i am not talking to her? I freaked out.. there was no "big sister" in our house! I told my husband about what our daughter saw and he also shared that on some occasions he felt his hair standing while he was trying to take his nap, even in broad daylight. On some other occasions, he would saw shadows flashing past him from the corner of his eye. We had an altar at home and a "Guan Yin Niang Niang" statue inherited from my late mum but it seemed like the spirit(s) in our house wasn't afraid of the deity although we have been praying everyday? How could that be possible? I was quite puzzled by this and this whole thing lasted for quite a few months until we felt that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to seek help. We also surveyed around but it was really hard to find a master that could help us. One of the master we found, who offered supernatural cleansing services wanted to charge us like $588??? We were lucky enough, my husband went around to ask his friends and we got introduced to this Taoist master that does supernatural cleansing for free. Yes, free. We invited him over to our house to take a look immediately. When the master arrived at our house, he felt that our house was very "Ying". This master has "阴阳眼" (3rd eye) and was able to see the female spirit hiding in our master bedroom. He started to perform the ritual and invited the female spirit to possess one of his disciple's body so they can negotiate with the female spirit. The master then asked the female spirit why was she in our house and she answered that she came over to our house because of the "offerings" that we placed on the ground before we moved in! Throughout the whole negotiation process, the female spirit was quite aggressive but my husband and i could tell that she was very afraid of the master. In the end, the master captured the spirit away and ensured us we will be safe from now on. After that, we got to know from the master that we had did the door opening ritual wrongly. 1) We shouldn't have placed the offerings on the floor and offered joss sticks and candles in the first place as this actually meant that the offerings are for spirits instead of deities. 2) We did not engage any professional master for auspicious date selection for our door opening ritual as we thought that by doing some research online, we could save that bit of money and hassle. 3) We did not pick any auspicious date for renovation works as well. The master told us this is very important as we might never know, if any of the renovation workers hurt themselves in our house during the renovation process as we are not there to monitor. And moreover, accidents will tend to happen sometimes and it is not within our control. It is also considered very "unlucky" if accidents do happen in the house before the owner shift in. 4) Although we had an altar at home, our "Guan Yin Niang Niang - Goddess of Mercy" was not being "Kai Guang" properly after we shifted house. The master told us that the spirits can enter our house though the "香炉“, especially if the deity statue has not been "Kai Guang" properly. 4) The master also advise us that the area we are staying in was actually a forested area previously hence it is easier to attract spirits and unclean stuff. Since what was being done cannot be undone, we asked the master if there is anything we could do to improve the situation as we do not want to have any more trouble and any other spirits from entering our house and disturbing us. The master advise us to "Kai Guang" our Goddess of Mercy deity properly and he also help to "cleanse" and "seal" our house by performing some rituals. We went ahead with it. Surprisingly, my husband actually strike 4D starter on the same day after the "Kai Guang" ritual was being done. But the main point was not about striking 4D. We just want to ensure our daughter is safe, our whole family is safe. My daughter also did not mentioned about any "big sister" anymore after the whole ritual was being done. We are really thankful for what the master did for us. Hope to share the story with the readers here so will not commit the same mistake as me and husband did.
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    can any1 advise whether is package for a 4 rm resale reasonable. No GST . cos by far this is the lowest price i receive. thank you all. TOTAL: $25,388 Professional Services 01. Design & Conceptualization 02. Perspective Drawing on all canpentry 03. Space planning & layout proposal 04. Material & color scheme proposal 05. 3D Visual Perspective Presertation 06. Project mangement & site supervision 07. 5 Years Warranty With Guarnteed After-sales service Hacking Works 08. Hack off existing wall tiles at kitchen 09. Hack off existing wall tiles at master bathroom 10. Hack off existing wall tiles at common bathroom 11. Hack off existing floor tiles at kitchen 12. Hack off existing floor tiles at master bathroom 13. Hack off existing floor tiles at common bathroom 14. Hack off existing floor tiles **** hall & dinning 15. Hack off existing floor tiles at store room 16. Hack off existing floor tiles at all bedrooms Masonry Works 17. Supply & lay waterproofing membrane at kitchen 18. Supply & lay waterproofing membrane at master bathroom 19. Supply & lay waterproofing membrane at common bathroom 20. Supply & lay Homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting **** hall,dinning,store & all bedrooms 21. Supply & lay homogeneous floor tiles at kitchen 22. Supply & lay homogeneous floor tiles at master bathroom 23. Supply & lay homogeneous floor tiles at common bathroom 24. Supply & lay ceramic/design wall tiles till ceiling height at kitchen 25. Supply & lay ceramic/design wall tiles till ceiling height at master bathroom 26. Supply & lay ceramic/design wall tiles till ceiling height at common bathroom 27. Supply & construct 50mm height kitchen cabinet base c/w side tiles finish 28. Supply & construct 50mm height fridge base c/w tiles finishing 29. Supply & construct 50mm height washing machine base c/w tiles finishing * Tiles size: 30x30cm , 30x60cm , 60x60cm. *tiles type: all type on any area. * HDB Approve Perpack cement included Plumbing Works 30. Supply & install stainless steel water pipes at kitchen, master & common bathroom 31. Supply & install outlet & inlet pipes for kitchen sink 32. Supply & install outlet & inlet pipes for wash basin (master & common bathroom) 33. Supply & install outlet & inlet pipes for washing machine 34. Supply labour to install bathroom accessories (master & common bathroom) 35. Supply & install kitchen sink & tap 36. Supply & install wash basin & tap (master & common bathroom) 37. Supply & install sitting bowl (master & common bathroom) Carpentry Works 38. Fabricate & install top & bottom kitchen cabinet in solid plywood & laminate finish @ 20ft 39. Supply & install 2-tiers stainless steel dish racks 40. Supply & install frosted glass door panel c/w hydraulic system 41. Supply & install chest of 4 drawer c/w 1 set of cutley tray 42. Supply labour to install oven , hob & hood *All carpentry works includes soft closing hinges & ABS trimming doors WorkTop Works 43. Supply & install solid surface worktop total size @ 10ft *Includes Backsplash & various profile finishing Doors Works 44. Supply & install aluminium frame acrylic panel bi-fold doors (master & common bathroom) 45. Supply & install classic doors at all bedrooms 46. Supply & install wrought iron gate at main door *All doors & gate size @ 3x7ft . *All doors & gate lockset included Miscellaneous Works 47. Supply labour to re-install wiring @ kitchen 48. Supply labour to re-install winring @ master & common bathroom 49. Nippon Emulsion paint for whole house wall & ceiling ( 5 colors ) 50. Enamel paint for doors, door frames & sewage pipes 51. Haulage of building material 52. Clearing of debris off renovation site 53. Chemical wash & general cleaning upon completion of works * Provide labour , material & equipments for whole unit FREE GIFT worth up to $3,000 KITCHEN SINK & TAB 2x TOILET BOWL 2x WASH BASIN 2x BASIN TAB ALL ROOM DOORS ALL BATHROOM DOORS MAIN DOOR GATE
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    The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2018; A biblical guide on kitchen design and renovation! Everything from DIY to immaculate self centered design choices, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup on all the “HOW-TOs” to your kitchen curiosities. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST STONE FOR YOUR KITCHEN Which natural stone is actually the best option for the kitchen countertop? Check out this to know 8 Pros and Cons of materials used in making the countertop. Choosing installations for your kitchen that could give rise to a contemporary aura has always been a challenge. In fact, the most significant elements in the kitchen are the ones easily neglected. Back in the days, the kitchen was always designed to be a confined and isolated space. Today, people want a spacious and comfortable kitchen not only for cooking, but to allow a better flow in spatial change between the rooms of the house. Contemporary kitchens are the trend to follow and it is what the world is looking at right now. A minimalist layout with the simplicity of the color choices for the room defines a contemporary room. But to create a functional and modern kitchen is not as easy as it sound. Here are a few essential elements to emphasize while designing your desired contemporary kitchen. COUNTERTOPS Your countertop covers most of the surfaces in your kitchen. So it plays a big role in the overall design and the functionality of the kitchen. A high quality of countertop will not only make your kitchen chores more enjoyable, but also liven up your kitchen with style. Great countertop surfaces such as the high density quartz stones also possess intrinsic characteristics of being non-porous (thus resistant to harmful bacteria), making it a safe hygienic choice for your family, especially if you have small children. Credits: Tedid.com.sg WALLS The walls contribute the base color of the room. So the choice of color is critical, a slight change in color will leave the room with a totally different visual impact. Light colors are typically used as the base color to provide the simplicity and minimalism. But there are people who prefer to give some sophistication to the walls with the choice of wood series walls. Aside from the visual aspect, the qualities we find in kitchen walls are their resistance to stains and moisture. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while being sustainable. FLOORING Like other elements in the kitchen, the qualities we desire for the flooring are also its resistance to moisture, scratches, and stains. The practical usage of the floor is important but it does not have to be dull and boring. With the right pattern and color of flooring, it will give your kitchen a refreshing and clean look. The color of the floor decides the mood of the room. Darker colors prompt a more classic presence while lighter colors achieve the effect of minimalism. In addition, the right flooring allows a smoother interconnection between the rooms in your home. Credits: Decorpad.com CABINETS Both cabinets and countertops act as the highlights of the room, bringing a strong visual impact. The choice of colors for the cabinets and countertops are usually countered to further strengthen the visual shock and create the contemporary atmosphere. Black and white are mostly preferred, but the combination of gray or dark brown wooden series and white also produces an impressive yet welcoming ambiance. Practically speaking, storage is the main purpose of installing cabinets. Although some might neglect the usage of the cabinets and care only for the appearance, but they will soon realize its importance when they want some basic parameters to separate wines from knives. SINK Any chef or home cook will know that the pre and post cooking take most of the time. So a practically designed sink will really come in handy during food preparation and cleaning. The maintenance aspect is what we should be considering while choosing a sink for your kitchen. The sink must be easy to clean and does not retain moisture, hindering the growth of algae and clotting of dirt in hard to reach spots. The appearance of the sink must also be modern to match with the whole room. A coupled marble or quartz countertop for the sink will be a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen. Overall, the sink has to be spic and span, as well as stylish and sophisticated at all times. Before designing your kitchen, the first thing you should do is budgeting. Fridge and cabinets are what you really need. But if you cook very often, go for the best installations, and take that as an investment in yourself and your family. A feature wall or an accent wall is a wall that’s made to look unique from the rest of the house. Through the use of a wide range of materials, feature walls are an amazing way of making a space feel truly special, embodying the persona of the homeowner that few other ways can. HOW TO GET THE RIGHT WALLS FOR YOUR KITCHEN & HOME 1. WOOD VENEERS FEATURE WALL Made from thin slices of wood glued onto a core panel, wood veneers have always been a favorite with homeowners looking for a warm and natural look. The quality and durability of wood veneers vary a lot depending on the material used. Some individuals prefer wood veneers because of its low ecological impact and non-toxicity (unless treated). Credits: Wood veneer feature wall, 27estore.com 2. WALLPAPERS FEATURE WALL The most inexpensive option on our list, wallpapers are highly customizable and can be used to fit a wide variety of styles. Some wallpapers even come with textures and do a decent job at mimicking more expensive materials. Wallpapers today are made using a number of techniques including gravure printing, surface printing, rotary printing and digital printing. Exceptionally high-quality prints, sometimes called graphic panels, can look really impressive. There are a few downsides to wallpaper, however. Fancy as they are, wallpapers look pretty dull compared to other materials. To make matters worse, wallpapers don’t stand up well to moisture and hot climates and will start peeling or fading quickly. 3. MARBLE FEATURE WALL Elegant and classy, thin slabs or bricks of marble are the perfect feature wall material for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Marble gives off a clean but dramatic look that’s impossible to achieve through any other way. The catch? High-quality marble is expensive and requires special maintenance to keep its shine going. Goes well with ceramic bathrooms. 4. SLATE/STONE VENEER FEATURE WALL Stone veneers are made by either pouring a lightweight concrete into a polymer base which is then coloured to look like real stone, or manufactured by layering a thin piece of stone onto a composite base. They are relatively inexpensive compared to natural stone and come in a variety of designs and colours. The disadvantages? Stone veneers aren’t as tough as natural stone, and eco-conscious individuals will not be happy with the amount of waste that’s associated with its production. 5. FIBER METAL FEATURE WALL Typically made by bonding metal layers to a composite base, fiber metal panel laminates combine high durability into a shiny package and are highly resistant to metal fatigue, impact, corrosion and fire. Fiber metal panels are also lightweight which helps them stay attached to the walls better. 6. SOLID PHENOLIC PANELS Made from paper soaked in heat-resistant resins and reinforced with cellulose fibres under high pressure, solid phenolic panels are a solid choice that will not disappoint. Non-porous and resistant to damage from moisture and heat exposure and affordable, solid phenolic panels are the go-to choice for practicality. In addition, solid phenolic panels are excellent noise barriers and provide a decent level of noise reduction in closely packed apartment spaces. 7. FABRIC FEATURE WALL Often overlooked by the average homeowner, fabrics are another highly customizable option that can be super personalized. Sharing some similarities to wallpaper, fabrics vary greatly in cost, aesthetics and durability depending on its type. Keep in mind that fabrics, however, that fabrics can be difficult to clean if they get dirty and have a tendency to grow moldy if exposed to moisture and humidity (the number one reason why it’s not too popular here). 8. VENETIAN PLASTER FINISH Made from a mixture of slaked lime and marble dust, Venetian plaster finishes, when done right, look absolutely stunning. The material attaches itself well to drywall, wood, tile, cement or brick walls and dries to a solid hardness. It is also easy to maintain: plaster dries quickly and its color comes from the pigments mixed into itwhich doesn’t fade like paint does. Non-toxic and all-natural, plaster is also eco-friendly choice that’s naturally insulating and anti-bacterial with its high pH. Feel free to give us a call or email for any inquiries! Visit SevenKonzept to get services and tips of Interior Designs. HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR KITCHEN NEATLY You’ve gone through the hassle of hunting, designing, and bargaining for the perfect kitchen top. You enjoy cooking and baking for your family every day, and showing off your gorgeous kitchen to your friends and relatives during their short visits and special occasions. But we both know there’s the other side of the coin… the tiring housekeeping to keep your luxury kitchen top in perfect condition always. Well, if you’ve been spending too much time and energy daily trying to keep your kitchen spick-and-span, here are 13 nifty storage hacks to keep your kitchen top tidy and beautiful always… 1. SPICE SHELVES UNDER YOUR UPPER CABINETS If you cook frequently, one of the biggest sources of clutter on your kitchen top would be the spices. Instead of scattering them around, or just chucking them into a drawer, you can actually have a simple shelving to store them right under your upper cabinets. This way, you’re making full use of the empty space between the upper kitchen cabinets and your kitchen top. It is so much easier to reach them while you’re busy cooking — and in fact, when placed nicely, they’ll become part of your “kitchen decoration” too. 2. CURTAIN ROD WITH HOOKS FOR KITCHEN UTENSILS Now, this is a handy kitchen storage hack we love. You can DIY this very easily by repurposing an old curtain rod and some simple hooks to hang your arsenal of kitchen utensils, and even some mini pots and pans. It’s a great way to save space on your kitchen top and make full use of your kitchen backsplash. Plus, it’s definitely easier to grab the utensils you want from the hooks – than from a messy bunch in a dish basket (whether it is to rush a quick meal, to fend off a villain – or to intimidate your mischievous kids). 3. FLOATING SHELVES AT THE SIDE OF YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS This is one mini kitchen storage hack that most homeowners would not think of — the simple additions offloating shelves at the side of your lovely kitchen cabinets, whether you have a minimalist or luxury kitchen cabinet set. In fact, when done properly, these floating shelves can truly beautify your kitchen cabinet. While giving you highly useful storage space, whether it’s for your cooking pots and pans, spices, recipe books. Or even just for you to place some pots of greenery for a soothing ambience (or even some art pieces to give your kitchen more character). Now, if you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen soon, be sure to include this in your design… and let your friends and loved ones marvel at your ingenuity! 4. PULL-OUT UTENSIL BIN Know that awkward and irritating space at the corner of your L-shape cabinet? Well, you can actually make good use of this pesky corner by building a pull-out utensil bin. No more blood-boiling moments of struggling to reach for your stuff in the dark corner, no more accumulation of dust and infestation of cockroaches… because now you’ll be happy to keep your frequently-used utensils there. 5. KITCHEN CABINET LAZY SUSAN Another alternative of fully utilizing your pesky L-shape kitchen cabinet corner is to use the Lazy Susan there to store your cookware for easy retrieval. We’ve known a number of homeowners who prefer to hide their cookware than displaying them, whether it’s placing them on the kitchen top or hanging them on hooks. Of course, instead of storing your cookware, you can choose to keep other stuff like your dry goods here (but no tidbits, please — you wouldn’t want to risk the invasion by rodents, insects… and of course, your sneaky little kids). 6. THE HANDY WIDE SHALLOW BASKET Well, sometimes keeping things stupid and simple is the best way to go. No need for fancy ideas to show your organizational prowess, or European designer racks to show off your taste for great style. That said, having a simple rattan or bamboo wide shallow basket on your kitchen top allows to you chuck your frequently-used utensils, spices, and garnishing all in one place. Besides being a quick and easy storage, this nifty basket can also add a rustic feel to your kitchen. 7. OVER-THE-SINK DISH RACKS This next kitchen storage hack can literally save your time (and your family’s lives). Besides saving you prep space on your kitchen countertop, these elegant over-the-sink dish racks can eliminate the hassle of wiping the dishes and ,of course, you’ll have fewer chances of breaking any dishes. More importantly, (now this is the life-saving part) you wouldn’t have a mosquito infestation problem (compared to chucking your dishes in a regular rack on your countertop). 8. KITCHEN WINDOW SHELVES This next storage hack is another mini ingenuity. But use this only if you have another window or a back door for fire escape ya… Because it involves installing a few shelves inside your kitchen windows to provide extra storage spacefor your cookware and dishes. This hack alone can save you tons of space on your kitchen countertop — you’ll love this if you’re a minimalist. In fact, it is a splendid addition if you have some beautiful china or fancy European cookware you wish to flaunt. If you have little kids, these simple shelves can drastically reduce the chances of them playing with your fragile dishes and causing a havoc when you’re not looking. 9. KITCHEN ISLAND WITH OPEN STORAGE If you are planning to have a kitchen island, make full use of the space by installing shelves inside the island — so you can stash your cookware, recipe books, and other kitchen items easily. You can even place your favorite tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples, watermelons, or dragon fruits there, to encourage your kids to love fruits more and also add a touch of nature (and splashes of colors) to liven up your kitchen. 10. KITCHEN APPLIANCE GARAGE If you have quite a few appliances such as the coffee maker, blender, mixer, or toaster, then you should consider installing an appliance garage. Because this mini garage will help keep your kitchen top clutter-free in no time, and it’s always wise to keep these dangerous appliances from your kids. You can choose to conceal them entirely — or if you have a small kitchen, go for the classy translucent design which will make your kitchen look more spacious. 11. OVER-THE-SINK CHOPPING BOARD This is a no-brainer for savvy housewives, but it’s worth a mention since it’s a great hack to expand your countertop space, albeit temporarily. There are a variety of designs for this type of large over-the-sink chopping board, and you can get them easily (and cheaply) online from Amazon or Aliexpress. 12. ADDITIONAL SHELVING FOR MICROWAVE OVEN This is another useful hack to free up more space on your kitchen top… the perfect placement of something that you don’t use that much (though some may say it’s something they can’t live without) – the microwave oven. As most of us rarely fill up our upper cabinets, it’s a wise move to allocate a small portion of it for the microwave oven. It looks great, you get to look smart for using this hack, and your little kids won’t have the chance to put any metal cutlers inside and blow up your kitchen! 13. MAGNETIC KNIFE STRIP Ok, we’re down to the final kitchen storage hack here – the magnetic knife strip. This is a great way to avoid bacteria infestation (compared to keeping your knives in a wooden knife block). Plus, it’ll look super cool on your gorgeous kitchen backsplash. And best of all, it’s so much easier to grab (and return) your knives. Just make sure you place them at asafe height where your children cannot reach them. Alright then, we hope you’ve enjoyed (and will be using) some of these hacks to free up more space on your kitchen top and in your kitchen cabinets. Now you can keep your kitchen clutter-free and beautiful always with much less effort (and frustrations). That means more time and energy for tender loving care ya! If you need any super cool advice on home improvement, kitchen renovation, countertop selection, marble polishing, or anything at all… feel free to contact our friendly kitchen top consultants at Stone Amperor. We’re always here for you ya! We are excited to announce the launch of our customer loyalty program that comes with some awesome perks you’ll love. Hit us up at +65 8816 4404, or visit us at Primz Bizhub #02-06 to find out more today
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    Key Collection OMG! This is what I have been waiting for! Excited!🤩 After numerous tries of balloting (cannot remember how many times I tried, should be more than 10x) and waited close to 5 years. Finally, I’m collecting my Keys on 24/02/2020. YAY~✌️ The following documents you need to prepare during Key Collection Day (KCD) and only the first 3 items below applicable to me. NRIC (Original) A working Singpass with 2FA Completed HDB Appointment Letter A copy of your Certificate of HDB Fire Insurance (if taking HDB loan) Original Marriage Certificate (if applicable) If you want to reduce the time spent at HDB Hub. The following two things I would prefer or recommend new homeowners to do before KCD. Key Collection Day (KCD -1) Apply for HDB Fire Insurance. If you are taking HDB loan, you will need to purchase a mandatory fire insurance from HDB’s appointed insurer (FWD Insurance). There is two ways to do it, you can choose to do it at the HDB hub during Key Collection or do it online. For two rooms it cost $2.71 for a 5 years premium (Do note that it does not covers home contents such as furniture, renovations and personal belonging). Sign up and Activate your SP service account If you intend to do the defect checks right after you have collected your keys, do activate your SP account 1 day before. This will allow you do the following checks when you head down to your unit. Check if the flushing works well Pour water in the toilet to ensure water flows towards the drainage Charge your mobile device or power-bank to ensure all the electrical point is functional Since I am using my CPF to pay the remaining amount in full, purchasing of Fire Insurance from FWD is not required. That does not mean that I do not need Home Insurance. Fire hazard can be easily triggered by the electronic gadgets/appliances, so to protect my unit and home content. I have bought my Home Insurance from Income ($156.28 for 3 years) and as for the activation of my SP account (Electric & Water) I have scheduled it on 27 Feb. Key Collection Day (KCD) My appointment was at 4:15 PM and I was there by 3 PM. Guess I’m too excited and I have been waiting for this day for so long and I can’t wait to get it done asap. I proceed to self-service kiosk to get my queue number and sit at the waiting area to wait for my queue number to be called. Since I was there very early, I thought I must wait for until 4:15 pm for my number to be call. To my surprise, my queue number was called around 3:45 pm and it took less than 20 mins to complete all the necessary paper work and payment. Glad that I’m there early and have done my homework prior to the appointment. After I collected my keys, I went down to my unit to do a simple Door Opening Ceremony and I have taken some pictures of my unit before my renovation start. Living room and Dining area Bedroom Kitchen Toilet Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
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    it seems that many people who buys a landed house wants to rebuilt to maximise the GFA. a landed house provides the owners the opportunity of having a private outdoor space which most apartments would not have. my personal opinion is that if the owners are not going to make use of this outdoor space, then might as well buy a condo which saves the headache of home maintenance. most older houses would have been built without the GFA being maximised so as to provide a balance between indoor and outdoor space. of cos an architect could design a new house with this in mind as well to maximise the upper storeys while still providing enough outdoor space for the 1st storey. my suggestion is for you not to be fixated on the GFA but focus on what you plan to do while staying in the house and your lifestyle. also think about how long you are planning to stay in this house. if this is going to be your retirement home, then it might be better to just rebuilt it now and then provision for a home lift and spaces which allows for unobstructed movement. if it's just going to be short term (5 or 10 years) then maybe just do a simple renovation would be enough.
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    Get yourself an architect or builder Go to PUB website and buy the sewerage interpretation plans to see if there’s any sewer running through your house find a company to do a site survey so you can know what is the exact level your house is sitting on now. If you choose not to do this now, just walk around the neighborhood and see if any recently built houses are raised up from the road level or not. From this, you can estimate if your house is above or below the 4m SHD. Nowadays the agencies used Singapore Height Datum instead of mRL already. construction cost is about $350psf. So you estimate how much GFA you want and multiply by $350 time taken for a full rebuilt is at least 12 months excluding time needed for authorities approvals. After factoring in approval time, you are looking at at least 18 months
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    Hello! I was deciding between induction and traditional stove as well but decided on old school stove. I was thinking of trying out 1 or 2 of my mum's recipes for kueh kueh (if I ever really try making😁) I was afraid induction cannot do steaming for long hours.... Also never used induction cooker no idea how it's like so I stick to old type. I guess depend on what and how often you cook?
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    Here's the man himself if anyone's interested! Good service, very professional and responsible, and even vacuumed after!
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    I'm so excited to finally get my digital smart lock! Ordered online and got Mr Lee to install. Was hesitating for a long time cos my gate was stiff after changing a few broken latches and repainting the gate. Didn't know how to fix the problem. Thought it'd be silly to fix a new lock on a creaky stiff gate! Well, Mr Lee detected the problem straight away and fixed it without additional charge! I'm super chuffed my gate is now sooo smooth, swings out silently, and I don't have to play tug-of-war with it anymore! It's also fun to swipe my finger to unlock the gate almost instantaneously! No more carrying bunches of keys!
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    Sorry to hear that TS. I think should just share openly on such horrible company. 😡😡
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    Hi! Yes! That's all we did for the floor and walls! Cheap & easy! No grout lines too.. all painted over. So no mould no black lines! I will post pics of the painting process soon. My painter is jaybon pro painter, mobile 8227 2177. You can find him on Facebook, he has a large repertoire! Everything incl cabinets can be painted according to him! My kitchen walls & floor were painted too! Alvin is a plumber. He dismantled the old WCs & basins and installed the new ones, as well as installed the sinks and faucets.
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    Yes we did and you are right. We are selling back to the grid. I lucked out because I found a really good guy to do this work. He has a lot of passion in getting the job done right and best cost. I’m very happy with him. PM me if you like his contact.
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    The new above, and a mixture of the old and the new below... Alright, so if anyone's interested, please call Yeo directly to enquire. Just tell him his customer Mak from Anchorvale recommended! He knows us very well by now hehe... I won't be sharing cost as he gave us a special old customer price and besides, the scope of work is different. Plus this time round, I did a lot of minor stuff only. Just tell Yeo what you need, I love bouncing crazy ideas off him! In my next post, I will talk about bathroom reno on the cheap and sharing my plumber contact! Stay tuned & give a shout-out here if you find my post useful!
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    What impressed me though, was the quality of the existing carpentry! you can be sure, after looking at the photos of the bathrooms, that the tenants didn't take particular care of the flat! Yet the carpentry was solidly built and stood the test of time! I didn't have to change the wardrobes in the three bedrooms, any of the existing cabinets, the study table or the kitchen! Just some slight remodeling of the kitchen, and some dismantling of built-in furnitures we no longer needed in the bedrooms and to accommodate 3 kids! It felt wasteful really to rip out such solidly-built stuff! I am SOOO thankful I found a good and reliable carpenter 16 years ago; he used top quality materials and his workmanship was great! To me, value is NOT about getting the cheapest price. It is getting good and lasting quality at a reasonable price. That is what I got with Yeo, my carpenter of 16 years, whom I have engaged on and off over the years, and of course I used him again when I decided to renovate and move in! Who else could I trust? And who knew the place better than him? After all he built my entire flat in the beginning! And by a pure stroke of luck, he turned out to be my neighbour so he knew the layout very VERY well and checked on his workers' workmanship every night! As a further testament, I recognise one of the workers from 16 years ago!!! So this time round, to show my appreciation and also cos he's the "old-school, not techie type", I decided to share him with all of you! Scroll behind for his contact! These are old pictures of my initial reno 16 years ago. We did our place in resort style. Some call it modern Asian style!
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    This is a late review but I see it as a confirmation of the quality of Field and Country Concept’s workmanship. I ordered a craft closet of sorts from Field almost 3 years ago, and recently contacted him again to do some touch ups and also changing of the wheels. (The wheels has stripped as it’s the nature of rubber.) However, what I am most delighted about Field’s professionalism is that even though the project has already ended after 3 years, he still made sure that the closet is up to standard, and asking me if I wanted anything to be fixed or adding more stuff like shelves etc. There was nothing to be fixed because everything worked perfectly for 3 years, despite constant abuse (I’m notorious for not taking good care of my stuff). I casually mentioned that I wanted more dowels to store more washi tapes, and Field immediately asked me to send him some photos, and arrived with a solution that was way better than I had anticipated. I wish I can add more photos or even videos regarding that, but if you’re interested in knowing more about this particular project, you can read about it here: https://dayre.me/doubleoxm/1CXbokKSRgThis craft closet is also something that Country Concept has attempted for the first time, and they made it wonderfully. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other carpenters having shoddy workmanship, and this made me realise how lucky I am to even be able to find Field as the very first carpenter I work with to get this work done.If I have to make another craft closet, I will definitely go to Country Concept again, no questions ask.
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    Hall is done!! Kompacplus is in. Niceeeee!
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    It's been 2 weeks since the apartment was handed over to me. A few minor rectifications to be made, but that hasn't stopped me from moving in. Moving house is back breaking work, especially for a soloist!! One tip: Get a steam mop - it gets rid of all the fine dust in no time, allowing one to focus on unpacking and moving in! Anyhow, here's a look at the current state of my Japandi-styled home! But before that, let's take a look at the configuration of the apartment pre-renovation! Pre-renovation photos The protruding store room limited what would otherwise have been a spacious entryway. A view of the kitchen and service yard from the living/dining area. Viewing out from the kitchen. Yes the size of the kitchen is small. The hallway to the various rooms and common bathroom. Post-renovation photos! If you have read this far, you would have seen the journey of structural changes this apartment has gone through over the course of the last few months. This is what is looks like now, 2 weeks after renovation! I work long hours, so when I reach home I need to relax and be greeted by the sights and sounds of nature.The water feature (from Fukai) and the lights here turn themselves on as soon as I step through the door. 😍 Water feature all lit up! Storage cabinets that have taken the place of the store room. A view of the living room area! The "cubby" below the soundbar looked messy 😅no thanks to all the devices placed there, so I covered them up with a few (inverted) baskets from Ikea! My open concept kitchen, the peninsula and dining area. A closer look at the dining area and peninsula. I am glad that I went with laminated countertop for the peninsula as it is more sturdy (scratch resistant, stain resistant and easier maintenance all around) compared to my cultured marble dining tabletop or my kitchen's solid surface countertop! A lot of people like to lament how kitchens in older (pre-2000) HDB apartments had very large kitchens compared to the HDB apartments of today. If that is true, then my apartment must have a truly "exceptional" layout with its relatively diminutive kitchen! Managed to squeeze a slim pull slide out cabinet baskets for condiments etc from Excel Hardware between the induction cooker hob and the fridge. No gas because I watched the Towering Inferno as a child and it left a deep impression on me. 😨 2 more pull out cabinet baskets from Excel Hardware, this time for plates, utensils and cutlery. On the countertop are what I consider absolute essentials for soloists - a Zojirushi rice cooker and a compact multifunctional steam oven i.e.. Panasonic Cubie. Not going to show my service yard/laundry room since I have not done much work on it yet, but just wanted to say that I really love how my Varlux ceiling mounted automatic laundry rack gets my laundry out of the way! Particularly useful when I was drying my bedsheets and mattress protector! Can't imagine having to hoist those on bamboo poles or pulling them up via a pulley system! What I now have a great appreciation for - a dehumidifier for laundry! Sucks all the moisture from laundry, and ensures no smells or mildew! Really essential if you have no choice but to dry all your laundry indoors because there is nobody at home to hoist them out into the sun (and take them back in when it starts to rain!) I use a combo washer-dryer machine, but I intend to use it only for washing to save on electricity bills and minimise wear and tear on my clothes! A number of relatives walked into the glass door of my study room when they came visiting!😵 I think I need to paste a suitable decal on it for safety. Makes me glad that I went with a 1m concrete wall for the glass wall next to it - any lower and there might have been more accidents! Managed to get my hands on a Gerton tabletop from Ikea for the computer table! Learnt how to apply polyurethane coats on it so that it looks better and is more stain resistant. These are Ikea's versatile Ekets with their optional wooden legs. I customised a woodtop order and applied polyurethane to complete the look! Cosy/reading corner in the study. A frameless and comfortable sofa bed next to my display shelf from Castlery..pardon my mish mash of anime and non-anime figurines😁 A view of the hallway to the master bedroom. It's also a great place for me to put up some art pieces! Opted to place art works on picture ledges from Ikea to minimise nailing of picture frames to the wall. This way, I can also easily swap out art pieces over time. The common bathroom. Those are Ikea Ostana lights above the mirror cabinet. Going with shower curtains instead of a glass wall for the shower area means that I can swap out different shower curtains over time to refresh the look of the bathroom! Not going to show the master bathroom because it is similar in layout and just has a different art piece and shower curtain design. And finally..the master bedroom. Not many changes since my last photos since I intend to keep the look of the entire room as basic and clutter free as possible so that I can fall asleep sooner! And that concludes a tour of my post-renovation apartment! Hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing about the process! 🤩
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    Coloured grouts may be nice but when it comes to maintaining these grouts it becomes difficult
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    Attractive BTO Renovation Package: 3 Room $7380 4 Room $7888 5 Room $9580 Can you believes it? Yesterday i dropped by a under-renovation unit in Henderson Rd, with my customers family Kepo Kepo there, i saw the inner concrete sink support invented by me copy cat by others, well, not sure why i feel happy about it, taking a close look and found that the design has some mistake, should i teach them further or not Then i asked the house owner who is her ID company and how much is the total renovation cost? she said it's $50K plus and next moment i saw the promotion Flyer pasting on her main door- Attractive BTO Renovation Package: 3 Room $7380 4 Room $7888 5 Room $9580 i asked her what is her room size, she replied it's a 3 Room and why an't $7380 but $50K? She wisely replied say she have added additional.... Guys, if Tiler Seng provide: Attractive BTO Renovation Package: 3 Room $6888 4 Room $7888 5 Room $8888 i think my showroom will be Queuing till MacDonald, and I will promise you will not end up here at $8888 Let's No more getting into this Tricks No more Home Owner.... Chey!
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    Contents Page/Helpful Links NEW!! UPDATED -- Our Home 3.5 years Later - Here -- Budgeting for your BTO, how much should you spend? - Here 1. Our Chosen Contractor + Reasons why - Here 2. Color Schemes we considered - Here 3. $9000 for all appliances! Only $930 for Hood and Induction Hob! - Here 4. $99 bathtub! - Here 5. Taobao purchases - Round 1! Stainless steel bathroom stuff for cheapssss! - Here 6. Taobao purchases - Round 2! $300 Sofa! $200 recliner! - Here 7. Our 3-D drawings! ALOT of carpentry for $25k! - Here 8. Our Renovation Begins! Bath Tub and Hafary! - Here 9. Carpentry: The Study! - Here 10. Carpentry: My Custom Built Table! - Here 11. Carpentry - Workmanship!! - Here 12. Taobao - Things you: MUST buy, CAN buy, DON'T buy! - Here 13. Final Pictures of our Home - GOODbuy! (haha) a. Study - Here b. Living Room - Here c. Kitchen - Here d. Bedroom 1 - Here e. Master Bedroom - Here f. Toilets - Here g. Final budget + Our moving company + Sofa pictures! - Here 14. Things that could have gone better - Lessons we learnt when dealing with contractors - Here 1+1=3 in our 4 Room BTO I refused, refused, refused to apply for a BTO before the hubbs proposed - no way was I going to go down the way of a 'HDB-proposal'. Practical? Not very, but maybe I'm just a old romantic at heart. So yes, he proposed, I said yes, we got engaged, married, and only THEN, did we send out our first application for a HDB flat. That was in 2012. We lucked out and got an excellent queue number for our choice estate in Tampines upon our first application. Fast forward 2.5 years, and here we are, proud new owners of a BTO fresh off the factory floor. Perhaps the timing was just perfect - our little couplehood has since, grown to include a pint-sized dictator, which means that we need not worry about how we would have to redesign the house when the little one comes along. Now that little Z is here, he is part of our plans. (Maybe it would be more apt to say that our plans are centred around him!) Hence, the first steps towards building our cosy little nook, for our family of three. Our Design Inspirations Here are some images of designs that inspired us: Too many people doing Scandinavian these days. We like the simplicity, but don't want to be mainstream lah. So we thought about it, and quite liked Zen. My ideal study! I absolutely LOVE to work from a bed, hence the L-shaped bedside table is a really awesome design feature. We also want to keep Ah boy's room clean and neat.
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    Sealing the stone is good because it helps to preserve the beauty of any stone for a long time
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    Correct, polishing should be fine but not grinding for ceramic as the ceramic tiles will be scratched
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    Correct those green wool are similar to steel wool will just make the issue worse
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    Had a similar issue in the past so far the only thing that managed to work for me was something called HCL89. It had managed to clean my tiles and restore them to their original self One good thing i like about it is that creates a protection layer that helps prevent my tiles from getting too overly dirty I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com Hope this helps you out
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    As the old drying rack on the ceiling has been removed, I installed a foldaway drying rack in the kitchen. This drying rack has a total length 4.2m of clothes hanging line. But it is not strong enough to hold heavy clothes like wet jeans. Do take note that kitchen windows have been changed to Bestview windows with invisible grille to bring in more sunlight.
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    @d3n@nerrad@matchalatte, I feel like i am so suay! Not once but twice. yes holding off payment for now, and not really mentioning this for now. We don't want to sour the r/s as reno walks is still undergoing, and he was still nice in other areas... maybe when it's time for the final payment, we will then confront him again. pray it will go well man. Updates 1st coat of painting done, they will come and touch up i think, nearer to end of renovation. Carpentry mostly installed, awaiting my quartz table top to be measured. Box up all done. Curtains chosen. Left tiling of brick wall on my dining area... My taobao items came, mostly hits! Loving my green wall. Colour is less vibrant and more muted in reality. There's my husband holding the tapestry, considering to put here. Love this pink wall as well. It's like vintage rose if i am not wrong. not the vibrant sweety kind of pink. anyway i only painted the wall near the window, and the vanity area. after putting the blinds, doubt i will be seeing much of this pink >.< Bedroom accent wall chosen colour. Nippon Gray Knight. Love this! Kitchen taken at night! Sorry, no lights installed in kitchen and dining area yet ,so a little dim. yellow, because of the living room track lights. You cant really see the marble wall tiles from here though with the poor lighting. Overall, quite satisfied. A part of me wished my blue was darker. Oh well, note to myself in the next reno, always trust my own tastes. I was contemplating a darker blue actually but i changed my mind after Husband's and Contractor M persuasion. This is still beautiful. Actually what i think will make it perfect is the shaker style cabinets... HAHA. but never mind, decision made not to have shaker style, and i will not eat my words. Now awaiting the ledge area (facing dining area) to be tiled with brick wall tiles, and with my iquartz, it should be ready!!
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    Sharing you the most unique furniture store in Singapore, enabling you to own things never seen in Asia before. Möbler sells only Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture. Come to our showroom in Balestier or check: www.moblersingapore.com.
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    By sealing it i assume you mean to protect it? You can maintain/recondition your granite tiles by using something called HCL89 What it does is that it cleans and reconditions your granite tiles and also helps to create a protection for it so that it always remains new. You can usually get it from from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com Hope this helps you out
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    Encounter very very bad experience with this company, Bad workmanship, very very poor after sales service, scratched windows. They promised to come to rectify, but will never turn up. I made calls after calls, and weeks after weeks, they kept promising, but never turn up giving all sorts of excuses. I regretted choosing Wellmax Metal because of competitive pricing. Should I have read this forum earlier, I wouldn't have made this terrible mistake! It is really a horrible nightmare! Could anyone advise me what to do?
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    To cheer myself up, I switched on my shower... Nice? Apparently this must be good for people during blackouts. Or people who like to shower in the dark
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    My review: As a contractor, Dorothy is prompt in her replies and follow-up. She is capable of offering sound advice in terms of tile-selection and cabinet laminates even when she knew that I was going to use another carpenter. I was interested in a Hafary tile that cost $4.80 per sq ft. Dorothy wasted no time in going down to Soon Bee Huat to look for similar but cheaper tiles and place them at my doorstep. When we told her that the glass panels were broken or tile was chipped, she promised to replace them without any question. I feel that she is quite easy to talk to and work with. Her tilers, Xiao Hei and Ah Huat, did my master bathroom and common bathroom respectively. I would say they are good. Ah Huat is slightly better I think. The grout lines are very thin compared to Xiao Hei's. He also seems to be more meticulous - he tiled up the part that we wouldn't be able to see from inside while Xiao Hei didn't. Not that Xiao Hei did a lousy job though. Dorothy said that Ah Huat is her condo tiler and according to Dorothy, condos are more difficult to tile. Not sure if this is the reason Ah Huat 'seems to be better'. The electricians are young and nice, but one of the switches had the Legrand label upside-down. Nice people, but not very meticulous. Her painter who painted the bathroom ceiling, box-up and the affected walls, I must say, was not very professional though. He painted a patch on an area that he did not have to paint, but fortunately, that could be covered by our bed frame. And some parts on the same wall he was supposed to paint were not covered with paint! He also didn't cover the rainshowers when he was painting the ceiling. So my Grohe rainshowers have lots of little white specks on them. Sigh. My main gripe is her young plumber who seems to have mood-swings. When he is in a good mood, he is nice and tries his best. When he is not, I feel that I am at his mercy. Of the four times he came to my place, the first and fourth times were good mood. The jobs are well done. The second and third were not. As a result, my storage heater was installed 'creatively' in my opinion. A bit slanted lah. Overall, the experience with Dorothy is quite good. Unlike my previous reno, I didn't feel very stressed about the progress of the reno although my common bathroom took longer than expected to tile. My previous experience with an errant contractor made me very cautious with Dorothy, but I am glad that Dorothy didn't take it personally.
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    It's time for me to repay this helpful and informative forum. I have engaged Dorothy from In-Lookz Home to do my bathrooms. All but the carpentry are her works. Master Bathroom: The old and the new
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    Common Bathroom: The old and the new