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  1. - Located at Blk 79A, directly opposite Toa Payoh MRT station / bus interchange - Minutes to public swimming pool, stadium, park, etc - Minutes to Orchard, City Hall, Raffles Place, etc - Directly opposite Toa Payoh Central – Eateries, shops, supermarket easily accessible - 38th floor – very high floor, quiet, privacy and nice view - Aircon, fan, bed with mattress, study table, chair, bookshelf, wi-fi, hot water bath, washing machine provided - Very new furnishing - Owners are young Chinese couple. No children. - Tenant should be comfortable with dogs as owners have one friendly pet dog - Light cooking available limited to instant noodles/microwave - Preferred female professional as tenants. No sharing - Non-smokers preferred - S$850 per month - Long/short-term tenancy welcome - Available from 1 January 2012 onwards - SMS to 98784198 or email Edward.tan@gmail.com * Current tenant leaving in late December 2011. New tenant can move in from 1 January 2012 onwards *
  2. just to share.. me and my wife went to the furniture fair at expo sometime in May 2011. we saw a dining table which we like and we were told that the shipment is in mid june. we paid full as its their policy and we waited. about mid june and my sales person called me and say my shipment will be delayed till early july. i was angry but after discussing with my wife we say ok we will wait. early july came and the same salesperson called me and say my shipment will be delayed till end july. i was pissed off. the guy reassured me that it will be here and i say ok you better make it happen. now is end july and the same guy called me and say it will be after national day. KKN~!!!!!
  3. i'm also unaware of the type of infection as well... haizzzz.... its sad for him to leave us so soon..
  4. our hiro is a strong fighter as he fought bravely and headed to heaven at 10+am today.. although we cannot accept his premature departure from us, he left with us all the happy memories which we will treaure within our hearts.. our little angel in heaven, be a good boy at your new home and look over us from there... daddy and mummy will miss you from here..
  5. hiro has been sick since thursday (18/09). my wife noticed that he was having diarrhoea + vomitting and its only the 4th day he was with us. the pet shop wanted us to send hiro back to them as they will send him to their vet and cover any medical charges as a result. his condition fluctuates and on saturday the pet shop called us late at night that there is stool in his blood and wanted us to be 'prepared for the worst' as the bacteria infection might have attacked his organs.. we asked what virus he is infected but the pet shop refused to let us know.. yesterday the pet shop informed us that hiro is very weak.. haizzz... my wife has been weeping everytime she thinks about him.. we really hope that he can recover but will there be any implications to his health as a result of this?
  6. its more ex than usual but this breed meets our requirements so we feel its worthy. oh he certainly is if u look closer he actually have double eyelids! haha~
  7. our new member in the family: HIRO (nakamura)~ these were taken 2 weeks ago when we visited him at the pet farm. after 3 weeks of long wait, he will be coming home this sunday for the lantern festival! my wife sure going to be really excited~
  8. hi there, i'm also facing the same dilemma as yours. now that i've married and moved to my new house, mrt is just minutes away. parking at office is not free either. since then, i've stopped driving altogether and take public transport to work. my car now resides with my parents who use it only once or twice a week. well, i only use it when i need to carry heavy stuffs. after calculations, i actually find that its not very worthwhile to convert to opc for used cars. if you do a trade-in for a new opc car, you will probably have to re-finance the loan again which is undesirable in my opinion. anyway i do have the intention of selling mine probably within a year, unless i find a new job which needs me to drive because of the distance and time savings.
  9. i engaged gplan. find them more like a contractor than a design house. anyway the guy who is responsible for my flat has left the company. thanks~ due to the limitation of space and budget, our concept is "modern minimalistic" and we try to keep to the minimum and less fancy stuffs.
  10. for the bomb shelter interior its still being used as a storeroom. its only the exterior of it we did the shoe rack to cover the door. sorry if my description earlier is misleading i also received quotes up to 23k for the same/lesser work. if you want to save cost, my only suggestion is to put in more time and effort to check out the various ID/contractors around giving them the same specifications throughout for a fair comparison. fyi i got about 10 quotes in all before signing on the dotted line. no choice.. i've limited budget so every cent counts. also if you want to save $$, minimise the work as much as possible esp the carpentry. forgoing a feature wall will probably save you about $1k+ each, giving up on a wall partition will save you another hundreds, and the list goes on. at the end of the day, remember that renovation adds no significant value to your home when you want to sell it, and you can't take remove them as and when you like it. so just spend on what you need and whats necessary.
  11. thanks for your compliments~ btw the string curtain is there for fengshui purpose to act as a barrier from facing the bed to the door. 1. yup. half mirror only. top portion reserved for glass shelves for putting up photos. 2. can't really remember how much i bought them but they are from s&c at amk. be warned that you cannot see and feel them at the shop as we ordered from catalogue. design is ok but the quality is so-so only. 3. total cost is 16k excluding furniture, electrical, lights, accessories, etc. 16k plainly goes to the pocket of the renovation contractor. design excluded as well as they simply follow what we want. 4. bomb shelter we do shoe rack throughout. abit wasted as me and wifey don't have many shoes to begin with. excess space being used to keep the misc stuffs. cost is about 1.3k. if you also dun have many shoes then why not make some shelves for putting up those lovely dovely pics or decos or collectors absolut vokkas? boxing up the piping will certainly make the kitchen/toilets look neater but its additional cost which can actually be used in other areas, unless cost is not an issue for you. another way to look at it is to try to place cabinets, etc at those places where piping are so you can sacrifice abit of storage space and yet achieve the comestic purposes.
  12. finally the completed home.. master bedroom dresser table master toilet wife's fav room my fav room kitchen common toilet foyer foyer living room living room living room thats all folks!
  13. u mean the ones in the toilet? hmm.. i guess i'll stick with them first.. hmmm.. i almost gave up also after knowing that the 90m2 are no longer available.. but we still decide to get them as the height and location is simply too difficult to resist