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  1. Hi, I need to replace my bathroom wash basin, which is currently partially set into my vanity top. I have some questions about the replacement, can someone please help me here? Qn 1) Is it possible to remove the existing wash basin without replacing the vanity top? Or would I need to replace both the wash basin and the vanity top, or even the cabinet altogether? Qn 2) I've heard that it is also possible to use a floor standing cabinet to replace my wall-mount cabinet, but as the height from my floor to the bottom of the mirror is 83cm, I'm told that I would need to use silicon to glue the wash basin to my mirror. Does anyone know what kind of side effect this might have. Is the installation more expensive than normal and why? Qn 3) If I need replace the vanity top, does anyone has any recommendation on where I can find replacement for the entire cabinet plus a new top-mount basin? I have tried Hoe Kee but it doesn't seem to have many top-mount cabinets (in fact I only see 1). Qn 4) If it is possible to only replace the vanity top and I can buy a new top-mount basin, must the vanity top be custom-made by a contractor or something? Any one know the price for this? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. went to plaza sing on x'mas eve.. went to spotlight .. but it closed very early... went to Daiso.. din seem to find the bamboo leh... anyone know where i can get the diameter around 5cm kind of bamboos? Thanks thanks...
  3. sorry for digging up this post.. i am also looking for bamboos for my bamboo planter to be placed in front of my feature wall... Me and hubby went to Holland V yesterday but did not find what we want.. we are looking for brown color bamboo with abt 5cm in diameter.. i am not sure those places mentioned in this thread are still selling bamboo or not since this thread has quite a 'history'.. Anyone can help me pls? thank you very much~~
  4. Hi, May i know where u get those bamboos? i oso got a bamboo planter.. but dun know where can get the bamboos.. and those stones too... btw.. ur wife's rock painting is v nice...
  5. Spam chop.. welcome to renotalk.. and since i can see the pic.. guess u dun hv problem uploading pic now.. btw.. nice color of the pic... nice camara.. looking forward to more pics.. ;p
  6. Hehe.. good good.. think Shanghai also hav a lot of beautiful lights.. but price might be slightly exp than Guangzhou.. then again.. compare to singapore price.. any light you bot there will be worthwhile.. Orh.. one more thing, if ur sis only will stay at Shanghai for a short while, then better settle the lights within the first few days.. coz a lot of lights are not off-the-shelf products.. the shops need to make the order to the factory first which takes at least 5-7 days...
  7. I got it from China... custom-made.. the original is too big for my area..
  8. Hehe.. Thank you... Here are some more pics abt the lights.. hv moved in for 2 weeks.. still got some minor touch up here and there.. hopefully can finish everything before X'mas.. will post more pic after everything is ready.. Platform... Curtain installed.. without flashlight spiral light 1 spiral light 2 spiral light 3 The other side of the platform.. wall lamp.. Living room main light Dinning room another platform
  9. I bot them at 31 Jurong East street. There are quite a few lighting shops oppo the chinese garden MRT. I forgot the name of the shop which i bot those downlights from. It is not the one that recommended in this forum. The shop that i bot from is pretty small. I bot from it becoz of the price.. end up my electrical guys complains abt the T5 i bot from the shop.. connection not good.. I think many lighting shops got sell this kind of "square downlights".. I saw it in blastier and the Chinese garden light shop (the one that recommended by the forum one.. occupied 2 shops' space).. Hv oredi replied ur PM.. hmm.. ah.. I dun hv any white acrylic lights ah..
  10. Hi mivec2.4, might i ask.. does 'PLC' mean down light? That is how i refer them to the ID... yeah.. i know.. hubby's taste... it looks better in the show room.. will put a pic of it when the down lights and T5 are on... think looks better..
  11. Thanks.. next time should take some photo when the spiral light is on.. Slate tiles light on.. day time.. can't really see the effect Sofa and coffee table feature wall main light main light 2
  12. Kitchen Common toilet Book shelf in the study room Wordrobe in study room Wardrobe in parent's room Master bedroom toilet MBRT basin MBR tv console cum make up table Dinning room light Dinning room light ON Living room.. can see the spiral light? ;p Living room slate tiles
  13. Thanks for the tip.. they are very useful.. Finally moved into the hse.. still got quite a lot of 'defects' or things that have to rush the designer though.. but anyway.. here are some of photos for the new hse.. Enterance.. Dinning room Look from the enterance Corridoor The main light was not up.. so the above pic is not very bright with only down light and L box..
  14. hehehe.. hmm... i am thinking to buy some soft mat to put on it.. Hubby's nephew v v naughty.. must take precaution measure..